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Why Have My Ducts Professionally Cleaned?

March 22nd, 2017

The simplest answer to the question posed in this post is because it is not a job that a nonprofessional can handle. We will get into more specifics below, of course, but the bottom line is that the average homeowner is not going to have the training and experience necessary to safely access his or her air ducts. He or she will not have the right tools for cleaning out the ducts, either. This is not a job that your handheld vacuum or a roll of paper towels and some vinegar can handle. Contact us to have your air ducts cleaned out thoroughly and properly.

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A New Thermostat: Simple Upgrade, Big Benefits

March 21st, 2017

Have you been eagerly looking forward to the start of the summer season? If so, you’re definitely not along. We haven’t even gotten into spring quite yet, but this time of the year really has a reputation to getting people to look ahead to warmer, more pleasant weather. Of course, it’s a lot easier to enjoy that warmer weather when you have a great AC ready for action.

If you were unhappy with the overall performance of your air conditioner last year, or if it’s broken down entirely, then a full replacement may be necessary. However, if you just want to make a simple upgrade that will help you to get more out of your existing equipment, you should seriously consider investing in a new thermostat in Snohomish, WA. It may sound like a minor change, but it can have a huge impact on the way in which you use your system.

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Potential AC Problems: Short Cycling

March 13th, 2017

ac-condenser-fanHere in Washington, we don’t have the hottest summer weather in the nation. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot around here during the summer season, though. If you are serious about living comfortably during the hottest time of the year, then you must know for certain that your air conditioner is in great working condition.

The bad news is that there are a number of different afflictions that may affect your air conditioning system. The good news, or at least a silver lining, is that most of these problems will give you some warning signs that can alert you to trouble. It is always in your best interest to have issues with your air conditioner resolved promptly, so it is always in your best interest to take any such warning signs seriously. For instance, you should know that your AC in Marysville, WA is in trouble if it is short cycling.

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Is Your AC Ready for Action?

March 8th, 2017

We know, we know. The temperatures outside are anything but hot at the moment. It is true that you are not going to need your air conditioner in the immediate future. It is also true that the heat of summer has a way of sneaking up on some homeowners, though. That is why we start to recommend routine air conditioning maintenance in Everett, WA around this time of the year.

The benefits of professional air conditioning maintenance are too many, and the consequences of overlooking it too serious, to ignore. Don’t wait until the last minute, discover that summer has arrived sooner than expected, and then convince yourself that your system can make it through another season without a tune-up. Instead, call today, and be sure to ask about our maintenance plan.

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Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

March 7th, 2017

We definitely are not ready to switch over to our air conditioning systems quite yet. There is a fair amount of chilly weather left before the heat of the summer season starts settling in. Be that as it may, now is a good time to start thinking about your air conditioner in practical terms. This means both scheduling routine maintenance to ensure that your system is ready for action when summer arrives, and refreshing your memory as to potential problems that you may encounter.

It is not uncommon for us to get repair calls right as summer gets underway, as systems that have had a few months off begin working their kinks out. One problem that you may run into is water leaking from your air conditioner. It is a baffling turn of events, but one with relatively simple explanation.

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Potential Signs of Wiring Problems

March 6th, 2017

Because we use it each and every day, most homeowners just take their access to safe and convenient electricity for granted. In truth, though, your electrical system is quite complex and, potentially, dangerous. Working with professional electricians to guarantee that everything is up to code and working safely is integral to the successful use of your electrical system.

Still, there is the potential for problems with your electrical wiring to develop. This could happen for any number of reasons. Wiring may degrade over time if it is very old. Perhaps rodents have damaged the wiring, or someone unknowingly compromised it during a renovation project. Whatever the case, you should know some basic warning signs of wiring problems, so that you can schedule prompt, professional electrical services in Lake Stevens, WA.

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Time for a New Heater? Consider a Gas Furnace

February 27th, 2017

furnaceChances are that you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the spring season. Well, it’s going to be a while before things really start to warm up, and longer yet before the time comes to switch on your air conditioning system. Truth be told, your heater is going to be in action for the immediate future. Now that we are at least approaching the end of the heating season, though, it’s a good time to think about how your heater performed this year.

Now, if you failed to schedule the routine heating maintenance that your system needs to succeed, then you really cannot blame a subpar heating performance on anyone other than yourself. If, however, your heater failed to meet your expectations despite having been tuned up and repaired as needed, then it may be time to consider a replacement. If so, you should give some serious thought to using a gas furnace in Marysville, WA.

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Are There Cold Spots in Your Home?

February 15th, 2017

As we move deeper into February, many homeowners are doubtlessly looking forward to the arrival of Spring. It may be just around the corner, but remember that the heating season is going to be sticking around for a number of weeks yet to come. Don’t ignore any signs of trouble with your home heating system, or it could break down before the warmer weather gets here. Remember too, though, any certain problems you are experiencing when heating your home could carry over into the summer season as you try to cool it.

If you have cold spots in your home, there are certain issues that could relate directly to your heater in Everett, WA. Others could have to do with components shared by the AC, though, or even with the structure of your home itself. Here are a few potential causes of those pesky cold spots.

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3 Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

February 14th, 2017

If you are trying to cool down your dorm room or studio apartment, then you just may be able to get by with a window air conditioner. However, if you are serious about cooling your entire house in a successful manner, then a central air conditioner in North Seattle, WA is a much better option to consider. Central air conditioning simply offers benefits that point of use window units cannot match.

Of course, you must also understand that a central air conditioner is not a system that you can install on your own. To guarantee that your central AC is installed properly and that it is ready for the cooling season ahead, you need to schedule service with a trained professional. When you work with us, the job will be done right.

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Don’t Forget About Your Ductless Mini Split Tune-Up!

February 13th, 2017

ductless-min-splitThere is no way that you’ve not heard about how important routine heating and cooling maintenance is if you’ve been following this blog at all. The long and short of it is this. Your heating and air conditioning systems will never function as well, reliably, or efficiently as possible if you fail to schedule routine maintenance service. Now, that’s all well and good, but what happens when you use just one system throughout the entire year? We’ll tell you what should happen. You should schedule routine maintenance for it twice!

A system that is functioning as a heater and as an air conditioner, such as your ductless mini split, is doing the twice the amount of work that a designated heater or AC system would be doing. If you fail to schedule ductless mini split tune-ups twice a year, that is the equivalent of scheduling furnace maintenance only every other year. You are really just asking for trouble if this is the attitude that you take. Contact us if you have any questions, or to schedule ductless mini split services in Everett, WA.

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