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Heating, AC and Electrical Services For Marysville WA Residents

G & S Heating Cooling & Electric knows how difficult it can be to find a single HVAC company that meets all of your heating and cooling needs. There are so many different kinds of HVAC technology in the field that it’s no surprise how rare it is, really. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating, though. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services, from heating and cooling to electrical and indoor air quality. No matter what your HVAC needs are, we can take care of you.

We Provide Comprehensive Home Heating Solutions in Marysville, WA

Heating issues are some of the most numerous in the entire HVAC industry. That’s why we put so much effort into keeping our clients’ heating systems in top operating condition. Our professional HVAC technicians are experts in diagnosing, solving, and preventing problems with all kinds of heating systems. If you need heating service of any kind, from gas furnaces to heat pumps, call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric. We also install new systems from scratch and replace old heaters that have broken down completely.

We Service and Install Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for a cost–effective and environmentally friendly heating solution, then a heat pump just might be for you. Heat pumps are actually constructed very much like air conditioners, moving heat from one place to another. The difference is that heat pumps can actually move heat both ways, allowing them to either move heat out of or into a home. If you’d like to know more about these extremely versatile systems, just let us know!

We Offer Insulation Services

Insulation is largely hidden from homeowners, which means it is often ignored. Most homeowners are unaware of this, but your insulation needs to be inspected to determine when it needs to be replaced. If you never get your insulation inspected, it can rot away and lose its effectiveness. At that point, your home will become drafty and uncomfortable. If you haven’t had your insulation inspected in a while, let G & S Heating Cooling & Electric make sure that it’s still in good condition.

Do You Require Air Conditioning Services in Marysville, WA?

Even in traditionally colder areas, a home can get pretty uncomfortable without air conditioning during the summer. During those times, it can seem for all the world like it’s hotter inside than it is outside. You don’t need to suffer through an uncomfortable summer, though. If you need air conditioning services, whether installation, repair, or maintenance, then G & S Heating Cooling & Electric can help you out. Just give us a call and explain what you need.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning units are pretty resilient to issues, but they’re not invincible. If you notice any sort of strange behavior coming from your air conditioner, you should reach out to us right away. We offer a full range of air conditioning repair services, conducted by qualified professionals. We’ll make sure that you don’t have to endure a summer without cold air to keep you comfortable.

Is Your Home in Need of Electrical Services in Marysville, WA?

Electrical services are just as important as heating and air conditioning. In fact, it’s probably more important when you consider that virtually all of your appliances rely on your home’s electrical system. When you need electrical services, no matter what they are, we can help you out. Our electricians can make sure that your home’s electrical supply remains strong and safe. No job is too large or small for our clients.

We Service and Install Generators

In some parts of the country, the possibility of a power outage is always present. For most people, this is only a minor inconvenience. For some, however, this can be a much more significant problem. Loss of power at the wrong time can even be life–threatening. For that reason, we offer comprehensive generator services and installation.

We Service and Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great addition to your home, able to serve in multiple aesthetic and practical capacities. With outdoor lighting, you can continue to enjoy your backyard long after nightfall. Meanwhile, motion–sensitive lights can discourage anyone tempted to lurk around your home. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for a full list of outdoor lighting possibilities.

We Provide Expert Electrical Repair

As previously mentioned, your home’s electrical grid is one of the most important parts of its infrastructure. When something goes wrong in the electrical grid, it can be dangerous as well as inconvenient. That’s why it’s best to let the electricians on our staff handle any electrical problems that may develop in your home.

We Offer Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services in Marysville, WA

Indoor air quality is not something that a lot of people think about, largely because they can’t see the many airborne contaminants that they inhale with every breath. Improving indoor air quality isn’t just about removing contaminants, however. Maintaining a proper humidity level is also extremely important. But this can be difficult to do if you also want to maintain great energy efficiency throughout the year. We offer a number of whole house products for integration directly within your HVAC system.

We Provide Duct Cleaning Service

Duct cleaning is a service designed to improve your air quality by removing the buildup of contaminants in your home’s ductwork. Ducts tend to be the places with the highest quantities of airborne contaminants. Since those ducts also blow air throughout your home, the problem of exposure to those contaminants is apparent. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned before, call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to schedule an appointment.

We Service and Install Dehumidifiers

As previously mentioned, proper humidity level is important for keeping you healthy and your home in good condition. Humidity that is too high promotes mold growth and other damage to your home, as well as affecting your health. A dehumidifier is a device that corrects the imbalance of humidity in your home, keeping it at an optimal level.

We Provide a Wide Variety of Geothermal HVAC Services in Marysville, WA

Heat pumps are a great option for home heating, drawing thermal energy from the surrounding air to heat the home. Geothermal HVAC systems are just like other heat pumps, except they are built to draw heat from underground instead of the surrounding air. This allows them to heat the home, no matter how cold it gets outside. If you’d like to know more about geothermal systems, call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

We Offer Water Heating Systems and Services in Marysville, WA

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a nice, hot shower after a long day. Water heaters are what make things like that possible, and though they aren’t often thought of they’re a vital part of the modern home’s infrastructure. We install and service water heating systems. We use only high quality equipment that is built to last by leading manufacturers in the industry and we can make sure that your hot water needs are met day–in and day–out.

We Service and Install Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are a new innovation in water heater technology. While most water heaters make us of a storage tank to heat large amounts of water at once, a tankless water heater heats water as it passes through it. This makes tankless water heaters a lot more energy efficient. For more information, call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

Local Reviews
for Marysville, WA

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 66 customer reviews

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Heater inspection

I was very pleased with Erich he was very knowledgeable and professional. He explained everything to me and I felt very confident with the results. He is an excellent representative for your company. He suggested we look into replacing the heater as soon as we can. So he got us an appointment with your sales representative.

Map of Marysville, WA

Allen was great, their CS reps not so much

So I was told by Tai Williams that (copied straight from my email with her) "We do in fact offer a maintenance called a Precision Tune up, which is a 25-30 point inspection process that does include cleaning and servicing the unit and verifying it is running at maximum efficiency. For your area and type of equipment, we offer our Precision Tune up for $ 227.00 plus tax for your Goodman system." Notice where it says cleaning, I specifically asked twice if it was going to be cleaned yet the tech that came out said that was a different service that would cost $170 or so. So I feel really deceived by their office and honestly dont know if I would recommend them to anyone else if this is the way they conduct business. Allen the tech that came out was great, respectful and gave me a very good run down of everything so I can't blame him. Great tech, bad reps.

Map of Marysville, WA

Great Service

Eric was right on time . He explained things to me so I could understand. He was really knowledgeable.

Map of Marysville, WA


Map of Marysville, WA

Great customer service

warm friendly did a good job and was quick

Map of Marysville, WA

Great customer service

warm friendly did a good job and was quick

Map of Marysville, WA

Great Friendly Service

He was right on time. Explained what he was going to do and how long it would take. He was very professional and polite. I was very happy with the inspection service and the electrical power surge protector he installed.

Map of Marysville, WA

Excellent Service!

Excellent experience! Very easy to work with, fast, and precise work!

Map of Marysville, WA

Furnace repair

Furnace went out with 22 degree temperature. Tech came out and did an excellent job diagnosing the problem even going the extra mile to clean a few other parts just in case they were affecting the operation. He could have just charged me for new parts but some diligent cleaning took care of the issue.

Map of Marysville, WA

Heat pump

Heat pump is very quiet and works great. Installation went smoothly. We are glad we did it.

Great service and very friendly

When Allen arrived he came with a smile and a friendly handshake. He called before he arrived and was right on time. He explained what he was going to do and why and did it very efficiently. In no time at all he had completed his job. H deserves the five stars and more.

G & S Heating

Couldn't Be Happier - Great Service from Allen

G&S was able to get a technician out to our home for the fall maintenance with only a few days lead time. Allen from G&S was an absolute pro at servicing our American Standard gas furnace. He made sure we were completely informed at each step of the process as he meticulously went thru our furnace. He even managed to diagnose and fix a problem with the AC condensate drain that was causing water to pool up on the exterior of the furnace assembly due to a poorly installed (builder installation) and partially blocked p-trap. Now it can be easily disassembled and cleaned during routine maintenance. We signed up for the 2x yearly maintenance based on our experience with G&S

Continued Excellence

Installation and planned services have been excellent. The equipment is operating well as verified by competent techs such as Allen. Thank you G&S Heating!

Great Service from Technicians to Office Staff!

From start to finish the service from the on sight technicians to the office staff has been amazing! Fair pricing!

Awesome servoce

The guys who installed our AC were great. They walked me through our new system and ensured I had a good understanding of how to maintain it. They answered any questions I had. Thank you guys. Gonna love my new AC.

Furnace repair

Knowledgeable, courteous tech showed up - knew right away what was wrong, gave some good advice to prevent future problems. Feel I got my money's worth. A bit pricey - but around here you have to take wading through traffic into consideration. I would use them again if needed.

PM on Heat pump/furnace

Great service, never felt hassled by it

While I admit spending money on upkeep or maintenance is never great feeling, the man who came out was actually very pleasant, did his best to give me the best deal on what I dealing with. Luckily overall it was a best case scenario but he certainly helped me understand the need for upcoming maintenance.

Great Service

Eric came out to repair my A/C. He did a great job of diagnosing the problem, which turned out to be the result of some unrelated electrical work.