Air Conditioning3 Helpful Tips for Cutting Cooling Costs

Cooling your home effectively is a must if you hope to make it through the hottest days of the summer months comfortably. Some homeowners may worry that doing so is a bit cost prohibitive, though. That is why the air conditioning pros on our staff have put together a few helpful tips for cutting cooling costs. We want our customers to live in the cool, comfortable environment that they desire within their homes, regardless of how hot it may get or the current going energy rates. Keep these tips in mind, and you may be able to shave some dollars off of your coming utility bills. Remember, for quality air conditioning services throughout the North Seattle area, G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. is the company to call.

  1. Schedule Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance: Ideally, homeowners will  have an air conditioner with an outstanding efficiency rating in their homes. Of course, this is not the reality of the situation for many homeowners, nor is replacing their AC with a more efficient model necessarily in the budget. The key to getting the most efficient performance from any air conditioner, though, is simply to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with a trained professional. That way, regardless of the make or model of your AC, you can at least rest assured in knowing that it is functioning at its own peak performance level.
  2. Use Your Thermostat to Its Full Potential: Some homeowners like to keep things simple, and there is nothing wrong with this. However, replacing your old manual thermostat with a digital model can help you to set temperatures more precisely without all of the bells and whistles that more advanced models may offer. Even something as simple as easy to use, push button controls can help to trim down energy costs, as you can control your AC more accurately. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure that you are using it to custom tailor your cooling system’s performance to your schedule. The thermostat is a powerful tool in the quest for energy efficiency.
  3. Don’t Leave Your Windows Shut All Summer: A common user error that can result in higher energy costs is to set the thermostat, and then withold from deviating from that setting for the bulk of the summer season. During the nighttime, though, the temperature is going to drop significantly. It amy not be chilly out, but giving your AC a rest and opening up your windows can help you to live more comfortably while also reducing energy consumption. Plus, this is a great chance to take advantage of the natural ventilation necessary for maintaining great indoor air quality. Contact us today with any concerns or service requests that you may have regarding your home cooling system.


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