Air Conditioning3 Possible Upgrades for Your Air Conditioning System

If your current air conditioner still runs effectively and without excessive repair needs, you probably don’t want to replace it just yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work better with a few upgrades. There are a number of options available to you for getting the most out of your current AC. We’ll look at three of the more common ones.

Whether you want to increase your AC’s performance or simply replace it with new air conditioning system installation in Everett, WA, contact the staff at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We’ve helped homeowners in the Puget Sound Area receive quality home comfort since 1977.

1. New Thermostat

If you have an old manual thermostat or a basic digital thermostat without programming, then you are missing out on some fantastic benefits. The current digital thermostats available have precision settings and a full range of control options. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the system to turn on and off in your absence, so you can have the air conditioner turn on a half hour before you return home to cool down the house for you—no need to waste energy keeping it on all day or to come home to a stuffy house. You can also install a wireless model for greater convenience and ease of placement.

2. Zone Control System

Using zone control, you can change what parts of your home receive cooling. A standard central AC must cool down all the rooms connect to its ventilation system when it turns on. But using the dampers and separate thermostats installed for zone control, a homeowner only needs to send conditioned air to rooms that require it. Zone control not only means savings on utility bills, it also allows greater comfort for more people, since individuals can control the temperature wherever they are to suit their needs.

3. A New High-Efficiency Outdoor Compressor

If you want to benefit from better compressor technology for high-efficiency performance, you don’t necessarily have to replace the whole AC. You can instead have the outdoor compressor changed for one that runs 30%–50% more efficiently.

Keep in mind that sometimes your best choice is to have a new AC installed. If you are thinking of upgrading an air conditioner that is already at or beyond its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, then you should look into a replacement instead as a more cost-effective and long-term option. Talk to your HVAC technicians about whether upgrades or new installation is the best option.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. takes pride in the work we do for air conditioning system installation in Everett, WA as well as the variety of upgrades we offer. Contact us today to find out how you can have better air conditioning this summer.


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