Air Conditioning3 Signs That You Need AC Repairs

When you run your air conditioner in order to cool your home throughout the hottest time of the year, you should be able to do so while knowing that your system is working reliably. Even if you are diligent in changing your air filters and scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance, though, there is a chance that you are going to encounter problems with your air conditioner at some point. In fact, it is more a question of “when,” than “if”. Because it is always best to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Everett, WA, we’ve put together a few simple warning signs that can indicate the need for AC repair services on your property.

Increased Cooling Costs

If you’ve lived in your home for a few years, and have been using the same cooling system all the while, then you probably have a decent idea of how much it actually costs to cool your home effectively. Sure, there is going to be some fluctuation here and there. However, if you notice an alarming spike in your cooling costs, we suggest dialing our number to have your system assessed for repair needs ASAP.

Decreased Cooling Output

Does it seem like your system is struggling to cool your home evenly and effectively, even though it used to do so just fine? This could be indicative of damaged ductwork, refrigerant leaks, or other problems. If you are having trouble with what appears to be a decrease in your system’s cooling capacity, give us a call to schedule the repairs that your system needs.

Unfamiliar Sounds

Your air conditioner is not going to function silently, which is part of the reason why the compressor and other noisy components are housed in the outdoor unit. If you start to hear whistling, screeching, or clanging sounds coming from your system, though, you should have them checked out right away. One of the most common signs of AC troubles is the development of unfamiliar noises.

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