Air Conditioning3 Ways to Take Better Control of Your Air Conditioning System

When you use a central air conditioning system, you are supposed to be cooling your home with greater convenience and efficiency than you could ever hope to achieve with the use of window units. That is why being underwhelmed with your central air conditioning experience is such a let down. Fortunately for you, the Everett, WA air conditioning professionals are here to help you to take greater control than ever before over the way in which you cool your home with your central AC system.

Thermostats, Zone Controls, and Ductless Distribution

First things first; you need to be using the right thermostat for  your needs and preferences if you hope to truly take control of your HVAC system. The thermostat is, after all, the component in the system that grants you control over the operation of the system at large. If you are trying to accurately set temperatures and save money using old, outdated manual controls, you’re going to need some serious luck to do so. Instead, consider upgrading to at least a digital thermostat, if not a programmable — or even smart technology-enabled — model.

Even if you have a great thermostat in place, of course, you may not appreciate the fact that you need to cool your entire house to just one temperature throughout. There is actually a solution to this grievance, though, and that is the use of a zone control system. With a zone control system, you can distribute conditioned air throughout your home more thoughtfully, cooling — or heating — only those areas that you choose to, and only to the degree that you choose to.

Of course, you can also achieve this by getting rid of the need for a central distribution system altogether, while still enjoying the benefits of a centralized cooling system — and then some! If replacing your HVAC system, consider using ductless mini splits. The wall-mounted blowers are all controlled independently of one another, and you can even heat your house with the very same equipment that you use to cool it thanks to the utilization of heat pump technology.

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