Air ConditioningAir Conditioning Repair FAQ: What Is the Condensate Pan?

An air conditioning system runs from electricity, but you may notice at times the sound of dripping and running water from the inside of the evaporator cabinet. That is part of the evaporation stage of heat exchange and a sound you should expect to hear during normal operation. Thanks to component called the condensate pan, you won’t have to worry about what happens to that water—unless there’s something wrong with the pan and the drain attached to it.

If you encounter issues with water dripping from your air conditioner, you probably have a repair need in the condensate pan. This requires the work of professionals to fix; don’t try to tamper with the condensate drainage on your own, since you might risk creating an even worse leak. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We’re ready to bring out 37 years of experience to the job of whatever air conditioning repair in Everett, WA you need this summer. (We’ll help you with heating during the winter as well!)

The Condensate Pan and Repair Issues

During the evaporation stage of air conditioning, the evaporator coil removes heat from the indoor air, and also removes excess moisture from the air. This moisture condenses along the evaporator coil, and then drips downward to the condensate pan, a shallow metal pan located at the bottom of the evaporator unit. A drain connected to the pan and a small condensate pump remove this moisture done a drain line and into the wastewater system.

A common problem that can occur in the condensate pan is algal blockage starting in the drain. If enough biological growth gets inside the drain, the shallow pan will quickly overflow with backed-up water, leading to water damage around the air conditioner and possibly the growth of mold and mildew. Repair technicians will remove the pan, clean the drain or replace it, and then reattach the pan.

A back-up of water can also happen if the condensate pump stops working because water gets into its system. Usually, the pump will need replacement.

The condensate pan can sometimes become dislodged from the drain, and when this happens, water will start to drip from the bottom of the pan. Repair technicians will need to find a way to reattach the drain, and sometimes this will require a new drain.

Watch for Water Leaks

Your air conditioner may make the sound of dripping water, but you shouldn’t see water dripping from it. Should this occur, call for repairs immediately before you have expensive water damage to take care of.

G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has many years of experience repairing air conditioning systems in Everett, WA. Make us your first call when you notice water leaking from your AC.


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