Air ConditioningAre Your Air Ducts Properly Sealed?

Now that we are moving into the cooling season, you are probably giving some thought to your air conditioning system. If you are using a central air conditioner, then you should give some thought to your air ducts as well. If your ductwork is not in prime working condition, after all, you really cannot expect your air conditioner to excel in its operation. That is why you should learn to spot the signs that you need professional duct sealing services in Everett, WA. Read the following post, and let us know if you think that your ductwork is in trouble. 

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

If your air ducts are leaking, it’s not only the air leaking out that you have to worry about. You must also worry about what is making its way into your system. If your ductwork is not properly sealed, dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris can be pulled into your HVAC system. Once there, it can be distributed throughout your entire home, and can also negatively affect the overall performance quality of your system.

Is Your Efficiency Dropping?

Does it seem as though you are paying far more to cool your home this year than you have in the past? That could be due to leaking ductwork. Your leaky ductwork won’t result in a complete waste of energy, but it can definitely allow air to go to areas where it is not needed, and your system will have to work overtime to balance temperatures. That will add up to higher energy costs.

Do You Have Hot Spots?

Assuming that your system is of the right size and has previously cooled your home evenly and effectively, the appearance of hot spots throughout your home is a sign that you may need duct sealing. When we seal your air ducts, your conditioned air will make it to its intended destination. That way, you’ll enjoy even cooling throughout.

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