Air ConditioningTips for Cooling Your Home Affordably

dollar-in-grassWe do not have the hottest summer weather in the nation here in our geographic region. That doesn’t mean that the heat of summer cannot be oppressive, though, nor does it mean that the costs associated with cooling our homes cannot be an issue. The good news is that there are some ways in which to cool one’s home more affordably without the expense that comes with investing in new, high efficiency air conditioning equipment.

Keep the following tips in mind when cooling your home this summer, and you may start to see your energy costs drop. If you are interested in replacing your existing AC system with a more efficient model, just let us know. We’re happy to ensure that you are able to cool your home the way that you want to. Let us know if you require any AC services in North Seattle, WA.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Do you have ceiling fans in your home? If so, we really hope that you have been using them. After all, nice as they may look, they are definitely not just there for aesthetic appeal. They can help you to cut down on your cooling costs, too.

Now, your ceiling fans won’t actively cool the air the way that your air conditioner does. What they can do, though, is keep cool air circulating throughout your house more effectively. That means that you can take some stress off of your air conditioner, which uses much more electricity in its operation than these fans do.

Pull the Curtains

When you leave the house in morning, pull the curtains to help cut down on heat gain. When the sun is beating down on your closed windows, the heat of the sun will transfer into your home. This is a great benefit in the winter, when it provides some much needed free heating. In the summer, though, it can make your AC work harder to keep an unoccupied home cool throughout the day.

Open the Windows

When you’re getting ready for bed at night, take a few minutes to really think about the weather outside. Often, even after a warm day, the nighttime air around here is fairly cool. If you are early to rise in the morning, you may want to kill the AC entirely at night, before shutting the windows and turning it back on in the morning.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Sounds like a minor improvement, right? Well, it’s a simple and affordable upgrade that can help you to save big on your energy bills. When you upgrade to a programmable, or even a smart thermostat, you are going to be able to take greater control over the way in which you use your AC system, and that can equate to serious savings.

Schedule Maintenance

You knew we were coming to this point, right? When it comes to getting the best, most efficient performance possible from your home cooling system, nothing beats regular, professional maintenance. Contact us today to have your system tuned up so that it operates as efficiently as possible.

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