Air ConditioningHow Ductless Heat Pumps Cool Your Home

relaxed-manHow do ductless heat pumps cool homes, you ask? The short answer is: exceptionally well! The longer answer that you deserve, of course, follows in this blog post. It is true that ductless heat pumps are great air conditioning systems, but they’re so much more than that! Not to be mysterious, but we are going to get to that as well. First, let us just say that if you are thinking about investing in a new air conditioning system, then your ductless options should be carefully considered.

Also keep in mind, however, that even the best ductless air conditioning systems from the top manufacturers in the industry are not guaranteed to give you a great performance.  This is due to the fact that issues like improper sizing and poor system layout will hamper even the best systems on the market. You don’t have to worry about that when you work with us, though. Just give us a call if you think that going ductless is right for you.

How It Works

Why is ductless air conditioning in Edmonds, WA so desirable? Well, the most obvious answer is that no air ducts are required. How does that work? Rather than having a central air handler with an evaporator coil that allows for the removal of heat from the air, individual evaporator units are installed throughout the house. They connect directly to an outdoor compressor/condenser unit, not unlike that in a traditional split central system.

The nature of the cooling process is the same, with refrigerant evaporating in the evaporator coil and removing heat from the air in the process. This process, however, takes place right in that wall-mounted unit. The fact that each of these units works independently of the others is the next point to consider.

Cool the Areas That You Want, Only!

Zone control systems can be installed in ducted air conditioners. However, they really don’t offer the same level of control that a ductless system does. Yes, they can modulate the amount of cooling that one given area receives, but by controlling an actual blower responsible for the cooling of a specific area of a home, you can cut back on energy use and you eliminate the risk of leaky ductwork.

By running only specific blowers, the ductless system is able to run at lower output levels, too. Even though you may zone a home, a central system will typically be working at full-tilt (unless you’re using a variable speed model). This all allows you to live more comfortably while actually scaling back your cooling costs.

Remember When We Said They’re So Much More?

Well, that’s because ductless mini splits are heat pumps. If you want a cooling-only model, they’re out there. However, most homeowners opt for heat pump models that are able to reverse their operation in order to transfer heat into the home. In doing so, they enjoy consistent comfort at a very low price when compared to standard heating systems. Our mild winters are perfect for this type of system.

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