Air ConditioningEnjoy a More Comfortable Summer Season by Using a New Thermostat

Were you somewhat less than thrilled with the overall performance of your home cooling system last summer? Did your air conditioner work just fine in terms of cooling your home effectively, but you still just felt as though there were some piece of the puzzle missing? If so, then you may want to give some thought to upgrading your thermostat in Everett, WA. This is, obviously, a rather basic project in terms of whole-house cooling system upgrades, but it is one that can have surprisingly great benefits. Read on, and let a member of our team know if you’d like to try a new thermostat in your residence.

Can a New Thermostat Really Make That Much of a Difference?

Changing out your thermostat for a newer, more advanced model can certainly make a big difference in the way in which you cool your home and how you use energy therein, but simply investing in a new thermostat alone is not enough to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of doing so. First, you must really take stock of the way in which you use your home cooling system, as well as what your goals are in investing in a new thermostat. These considerations are going to greatly inform the choosing of your thermostat.

Most people are using digital thermostats already, but if you are using an old round manual thermostat, or one with slide controls, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a digital thermostat, preferably one with programmability options. You can use those cooling programs to better utilize energy in your home, maintaining moderate temperatures while you’re out of the house, without having to come back to an uncomfortable environment.

If you are interested in really taking control over your home comfort system(s), though, it is impossible to beat a smart thermostat. With such a device installed in your home, you can regulate the performance of your systems remotely, and you can track energy usage to further tweak your habits, helping to cut down on energy costs and wear on your system, while also living more comfortably in the process.

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