Air ConditioningHow an Expansion Valve Keeps You Cool

In Woodinville, WA, air conditioning systems mainly work on hot days, then sit idle when our mild Seattle temperatures kick in. That means that faulty components can sneak up on you, alerting you to a problem only after a lengthy period of time has passed. It helps to understand the basic functions of each component, so that you can point a service technician in the right direction. Take, for instance, the expansion valve. What is it and how does it keep you cool? Keep reading to find the answers.

The expansion valve works as part of the system circulating refrigerant through your air conditioning system, as a part of the cycle that produces cool air. It’s connected to the evaporator coils and acts to regulate the amount of refrigerant that enters the coil. When the refrigerant reaches the valve, it’s in a highly pressurized liquid form. When the valve releases it into the coil, it evaporates: pulling heat from the surrounding air in the process. A blower fan then blows across the coils to push the cool air into the duct work and throughout your house.

Obviously, when an expansion valve experiences difficulty, it impacts your entire air conditioning system. If the valve won’t release the refrigerant into the coils, the air conditioning unit won’t do any cooling at all. Similarly, if it releases too much or too little refrigerant into the coils, the cycle won’t work the way it should. If the valve’s settings are too low, liquid refrigerant could enter the compressor or the suction line, creating a significant problem. (The compressor isn’t meant to compress liquid, only gas, which means that the compressor’s components can become seriously damaged by the liquid.)

A problem with the expansion valve needs to be diagnosed and corrected by a trained Woodville air conditioning technician. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. handles air conditioning issues of all variety in Woodville and the greater Seattle area. We can examine your expansion valve and correct the settings, clean the unit or install a new valve safely and efficiently, with an eye on getting your air conditioning up and running again as quickly as possible. Call us today to set up an appointment.


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