Air ConditioningHow Can a Ductless Mini Split Benefit Me?

So you’ve decided to replace your old HVAC system, or you’ve just moved into a new home and are ready to have such a system installed for the very first time. We understand that you are anxious to start living in fabulous comfort. However, we must also encourage you to take your time in choosing your new heating and cooling equipment. You don’t want to miss out on your ideal system just because you moved too quickly through the system selection process. One HVAC system well worth your consideration is the ductless mini split. Read on to learn how using a ductless mini split in Everett, WA can benefit you. If you decide that this system is the right fit, schedule service with the pros at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

Improve Efficiency

Modern HVAC systems are more efficient than ever before. However, they are still not perfect. One of the most common issues that can cause a ducted system to operate inefficiently is leaky ductwork. While ductless mini splits may not be perfect, they do perfectly eliminate the risk of such problems by completely eliminating the need for air ducts altogether. Not only does this help to boost efficiency, but it also makes a ductless mini split great for older homes without the room for air ducts.

Protect Indoor Air Quality

Another great benefit that you’ll enjoy as a result of removing air ducts from the equation is improved indoor air quality. When air ducts are compromised, they can allow conditioned air to leak out of the system. They can also allow pollutants to make their way into the system, though. Once they have, those pollutants can be distributed throughout your home via your ductwork, dragging down indoor air quality.

Heat and Cool Conveniently

Ductless mini splits, thanks to heat pump technology, boast the ability to both heat and cool a living space with just one system required for doing so. Heat is removed from your home and transferred outside in the summer. The process is reversed in the winter, with heat from the air outside warming refrigerant, which is further compressed to increase thermal energy. That heat then is used to heat the air distributed throughout your home. Call to learn more.


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