Air ConditioningHow Clogged Vents Can Damage Your Air Conditioner

If you have a standard forced-air heating and cooling system in your home (and the great majority of U.S. homes do), then the ventilation shafts leading to the vents into your rooms are an important part of maintaining efficiency. The ducts need to maintain an airtight seal to prevent a drop in air pressure. They also need to remain as clean as possible to allow for the smooth movement of air from the AC/heater to the exit vents.

Clogged vents can lead to serious problems. If your air conditioning system in Everett, WA has clogged and dust-choked ductwork and vents, you should have them cleaned as soon as possible. This will keep your home and its air far cleaner, and it will also protect your air conditioner, as we’ll explain.

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The trouble with dirty vents

Think of your air conditioning system as if it were human lungs. The air shafts need to be clear to allow for the system to “breathe,” both for the intake of air (through the return vents) and for the outtake of air (through the vents into the rooms). As with a pair of human lungs, when any type of congestion or blockage occurs, the air conditioner must strain harder to send out and bring in air.

The resistance that a clogged vent causes the AC will make it begin to draw more power, and this stresses both the electrical system and the mechanical systems. If the vents remain blocked, the air conditioner will start to experience malfunctions from rapidly wearing down components. The system will age prematurely, leading to an early replacement.

Blocked intake vents can cause a particular problem: icing along the evaporator coils. The coil needs a supply of warm, stale indoor air to cool down with heat absorption. If the coil has insufficient air for this purpose, it will remain too cold and begin to ice over; this will prevent heat absorption and restrict the air conditioner from performing its job.

Another problem from clogged vents is that they will lead to the infiltration of dust and debris into the AC’s cabinet, and this will cause large amounts of damage to the internal components, leading to broken motors, fan blades, and even a failed compressor.

Have your ductwork cleaned regularly

The best way to make sure that you have clean vents and ductwork is to schedule a professional cleaning from trained technicians. You cannot do much good simply by opening up the registers and wiping down the visible area using a damp cloth; this contamination goes deeper. Experts use power vacuums and agitation equipment to fully cleanse ductwork.

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