Air ConditioningHow to Decide If Ductless Air Conditioning Is Right for You

Ductless mini split heat pumps continue to grow in popularity around the country as homeowners seek alternatives to central ACs using ductwork. Ductless air conditioning works through individual, wall-mounted blower units that hook up to the outside cabinet; the blowers send the cooled air directly into the rooms, bypassing the need for ducts.

Choosing to go ductless is a good option for many reasons. However, they won’t offer the same set of advantages to all homeowners, so you should put some serious thought into this choice. Talk to our North Seattle ductless air conditioning professionals; they will help you weigh the factors involved so you end up with the right system. For assistance, look to the experience of G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today.

The following three questions should help you with your choice between ductless and standard air conditioning:

  • Do you live in an older home without ducts? If the only option you’ve previously had for AC was small units set in the window because your older home has no space for ductwork, a ductless system is a great solution. You can have powerful blowers all connected to one system that far exceed the comfort from a window unit.
  • Are you planning new construction, remodeling, or an add-on? A place where ductless mini spilt heat pumps excel is for designing new homes, remodeling older ones, or for add-on rooms. In all cases, it’s easier to design the new space without having to worry about factoring in ductwork. There’s greater freedom and additional room.
  • Are allergies major issues in your home? A significant advantage of a system that doesn’t use ducts is that it won’t pick up contamination from the dust and dirt that inevitably gather in the ventilation system. People with allergies react negatively to this lowering of indoor air quality, but ductless mini split heat pumps remove this trouble. If you have people in your home sensitive to airborne pollutants, make ductless AC a priority.
  • Are you also looking into heating your home? Although we’ve focused on air conditioning in this post (summer is about to arrive), ductless systems aren’t solely ACs. They are heat pumps, which means they can provide heating in the winter when you need it. If you are also looking to replace an old furnace or boiler—especially electrical models—then a ductless mini split heat pump is a great option.

The final choice for ductless or central air conditioning is something that you should have professional help with. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. and talk to one of our installers who handles ductless air conditioning in North Seattle. This will help you to determine your best course of action. Whatever system you want installed, you can rely on our professionalism and experience to deliver you the best job possible.


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