Air ConditioningHow You Can Tell You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

The last thing you want to happen during an extra hot summer day is for your air conditioning system to conk out. But if you ignore earlier signs that an AC has a malfunction, you are at risk of this happening, leaving you stranded while repair technicians try to reach you. You can save yourself this inconvenience and the expensive work necessary to restore your cooling system by calling for repairs the moment you notice the air conditioner is having problems.

There are a number of signs that an air conditioner needs repairs. We’ll look at some of the more common. If you encounter any of these during the last days of spring and early days of summer, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. right away. With our skilled air conditioning repair service technicians in Everett, WA, we will keep the rest of your summer trouble-free.

Warning Signs of Air Conditioner Malfunctions

  • Noisy operation: The whir of fans and the hum of the compressor in an air conditioner are essential parts of the soundscape of summer. If that gentle white noise shatters because of the intrusion of grinding, groaning, slapping, clicking, and hissing sounds… you better call for repairs right away. Any of these noises can indicate a malfunction or damage that can cause a chain reaction of other problems if not fixed quickly.
  • Higher utility bills: If you spot an abrupt spike in your electrical bills during the spring or summer after you turn on the air conditioner, it often means that something inside the AC isn’t working right. You could have failing motors, dirt along either the indoor or outdoor coils, electrical problems, a clogged air filter, or a malfunctioning thermostat. It will take the investigative work of an HVAC professional to locate the cause and figure out how to fix it.
  • Drop in air pressure: When you find spots in your home that aren’t getting as cool as they should, check on the airflow from the vents. If the air pressure feels lower than usual, you may have fan problems. There could also be leaks in the ductwork, and this will require the work of duct sealing specialists.
  • Loss of cooling: If the air conditioner no longer seems able to cool down your house to the level you expect, you could have trouble with the compressor, a leak in refrigerant, or a miscalibration with the thermostat—among other possibilities. Technicians will get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

Diagnosing the faults in an air conditioning system is a difficult task, so leave this job to licensed HVAC professionals. When you call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. in Everett, WA for air conditioning repair, we will send out only the finest technicians. Since 1977 we have developed a reputation for dependability throughout the Puget Sound Area.


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