Air ConditioningHVAC Tips: 3 Ways to Spot Trouble with Your Ductwork

If you, as many other homeowners do, use air ducts in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home, then you already know just how convenient and effective the use of air ducts is in doing so. That being said, there are many problems which may render your ductwork less effective in its operation than it ought to be. Of course, you cannot simply visually inspect your air ducts in order to locate problems, as much of the system is hidden from view. Here are a few tips to help you to determine if duct repair in Everett, WA may be necessary. If you believe so, or if you want to schedule any HVAC services, then remember that G & S Heating Cooling & Electric is the company to call. 

You Suffer from Uneven Cooling

Should there be leaks in your air ducts, it is possible that you will still be able to cool your home to some degree. It’s not as if your ductwork will simply be pumping the air outside, after all. However, you may notice that different areas of your home just are not as comfortable as others. This is because your ductwork may not be capable of delivering the conditioned air from your system to the places where it is most needed. The result is certain rooms or zones which are far cooler than others.

You Notice Plummeting Indoor Air Quality

Your air ducts are responsible for distributing all of the air cooled by your AC throughout your home. If your air ducts are damaged, though, pollutants can easily make there way therein. Once they have, your air ducts can actually distribute those pollutants throughout the entire house. This can have a devastating effect on the indoor air quality throughout your home.

Schedule Professional Duct Testing

If you believe that you may have issues with your air ducts, but you aren’t sure that ductwork repairs are necessary, give us a call and schedule professional duct testing services. Our technicians have the equipment necessary to determine with certainty if there is nay problem with your system. If we find this to be the case. We can go about repairing your air ducts properly.


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