Air ConditioningIs Ductless Air Conditioning Right for Me?

Choosing a whole-home air conditioner is a big decision; after all, you’ll have this particular appliance for the long-term. Ductless air conditioning for your Everett home may offer benefits that other types of air conditioners may not. The best way to determine if a ductless air conditioner is right for you is to review how the system works, its benefits, and then to consult with a trained professional. With some input from our technicians, let’s take a look at how a ductless air conditioning system works.

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

A ductless air conditioner has two key parts: the outside unit, which contains the compressor and condenser, and the indoor blowers, which deliver the cold air. These parts are connected by a conduit placed in an exterior wall; typically, one outdoor unit can support up to 4 indoor blowers. The indoor blowers take place of any ductwork that a traditional split-system AC uses.

What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner?

There are several benefits to a ductless air conditioner that you may not see with other types:

  • No air loss due to ductwork – it is estimated that air conditioners can lose up to 30% of cool air due to faulty ductwork. With a ductless air conditioner, there’s no need to worry about this kind of air loss.
  • Automatic zone control – each blower can be programmed for both time and temperature. This gives you total control over how and when a particular space is cooled. Zone control can help a great deal with energy efficiency as well as individual comfort.
  • Easier installation – the indoor blowers connect to the outside unit by a 3” hole drilled through an exterior wall. This hole allows for a conduit to be placed that contains the refrigerant line, drain line and a power line. The blowers can be mounted to walls, hung from a ceiling or even set-up freestanding.
  • Very quiet – because the blowers are indoors, they are made to be especially quiet when running.
  • Safer than window units – window units require that a window be open for installation; a ductless system does not.

Still Have Questions?

An air conditioning system should fit you and your home as best as possible. Having the right fit means your new air conditioning system is the proper size and type for your home and family, and provides the comfort levels you need and want. If you still have questions about whether or not a ductless system is a good fit for your home, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., and schedule ductless air conditioning service in Everett today.


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