Air ConditioningIs It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

Spring is a good time of the year to ask if you should retire your aging air conditioner and replace it with a new model. You may be sitting on the fence about replacement: The AC might manage to make it through the summer, which would save you money as well as the time for installation. On the other hand, you’re risking a summer breakdown in the system, which will be a huge inconvenience and will cost more than if you replaced the AC earlier. Which is the best choice?

We can’t give you a simple answer… at least, not yet. You will have to call us and talk to one of our specialists in air conditioning replacement in Lynnwood, WA. Our staff at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has many years of working with ACs, and we can help you make the choice about replacement. If it turns out that replacement is your best option, you can rely on us to install your new system so it works its best.

Indicators That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

  • Extreme age: Check on the estimated lifespan for your system that its manufacturer set for it. (You should find this on the indoor cabinet.) If the system has already exceeded this, than you should replace the system; the chances of it starting to lose efficiency and costing more to run than it’s worth are very high. In general, any air conditioner more than 15 years old should be retired.
  • High electrical bills (that won’t go down): An air conditioner that receives annual maintenance should maintain 95% of its energy efficiency throughout its expected lifetime. If you notice that you are paying more on your electrical bills due to the air conditioner, and no amount of maintenance or repairs reverses the trend, then the system has likely passed a point of no return and will need replacement.
  • Too many repairs: Most HVAC systems will incur the most repairs during the last two years of their service life. A rise in the amount of repairs necessary to keep an air conditioner running is a major indicator that it is no longer worth keeping. If the repair costs per year to sustain an AC are greater than $500, then it’s time to schedule a replacement.

Replacing and air conditioning system is a large task, so consult with experts before making this decision. Once you choose to go with new installation, let the experts take over the job so it will get done fast and accurately, and you’ll have your cooling back.

Contact G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. with your questions about air conditioning replacement in Lynnwood, WA.


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