Air ConditioningIs This the Year to Replace My AC?

Are you thinking about replacing your air conditioner before the start of the cooling season this year? Now is actually a great time to do so. If you do decide to move forward with a replacement, though, it is important that you give the project a lot of consideration. You’ll be living with the decisions that you make for quite some time to come, so your air conditioning replacement in Everett, WA is really not something that you can afford to rush through. Consider the following tips, and remember to schedule service with us so that your AC replacement is guaranteed to be a success.

The Size of Your System Must Match Your Home

Sizing an air conditioner properly is a more complex process than you may realize, and it is something that only a trained professional can do. The cooling load must be calculated in order to ensure that your new system is capable of cooling your home effectively and efficiently, and that it is neither too small or too large for you cooling needs. An oversized system will short cycle frequently and incur unnecessary wear and tear while wasting energy, and an undersized system will operate inefficiently while it struggles to cool a space that it cannot handle.

Your Budget Must Be Determined

You want to get the best air conditioning system possible for your home, but you should not due so at the expense of your financial comfort. A huge benefit of working with professionals such as those on our staff is that we’re able to ensure that our clients are getting the best air conditioning system that they can afford on their budgets. Figure out how much money you comfortably have to work with, and we’ll help you to get the most efficient and dependable system with that budget in mind.

Get to Know Your Options

If you’ve always used a central AC, you may just invest in a new one without giving it much thought. We advise you to shop around. Our climate, for instance, is very well suited for heat pumps, and ductless mini splits also warrant your consideration.

Be sure to schedule your air conditioning replacement with G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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