Air ConditioningKirkland WA Air Conditioning Tip: Why Get Your Ducts Tested Before Spring?

During the winter you likely run your heating system every single day. When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, you may start to use your air conditioning system more often. With all the use that your ductwork gets, it is likely a good idea to have them tested before you begin a new season of cooling. Call the Kirkland air conditioning experts at G & S Heating, Cooling and Electrical for any repairs or maintenance that you might need. We offer complete duct sealing, duct repair, duct cleaning and duct testing in Kirkland, WA. We wanted to help out our customers by assembling a short list of some of the reasons why they may want to consider having their ducts tested during the Spring.

Why Get Duct Testing in Kirkland, WA During the Spring?

The Spring is generally regarded as the transition period between the cold, rain and snow of winter and the warmth of summer. It is a great time to have your ducts tested because you will likely be using neither your heating system or air conditioning system. This allows you to be comfortable in your home while the duct testing takes place.

Getting your ducts tested is also a good idea because it can expose any weaknesses, cracks or leaks in your ducts that need to be patched or sealed up. Your ducts will be carrying all of the cool air from your AC system into your home. If holes developed during the winter you want to make sure that they get fixed before you start running your AC. This can help increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Benefits of Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

In addition to getting you ducts tested in the Spring, it’s also probably a good idea to get your entire air conditioning system tested and maintained. Over time, your air conditioning system will develop small issues and problems that can negatively impact its function. Without repair, those problems will likely develop into larger issues. Especially after your air conditioning system has been dormant for many months during the winter, it’s probably wise to have a professional inspect it to make sure that there aren’t any branches, rust or rodents inside of it.

For all your Kirkland, WA air conditioning services call G & S. Our Kirkland, WA air conditioning technicians have years of experience working with all different types and brands of air conditioning systems.


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