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Listen to Your Air Conditioner for Sounds of Trouble

When it comes to successfully resolving problems with your air conditioner, and avoiding serious damages to your system stemming from these problems, early detection is always in your best interest. You should let us know if your house is not feeling as cool as it should throughout, or if you see a spike in your cooling costs, for example. There is another sense that you should be actively using to identify potential problems with your air conditioner, though, and that is your sense of hearing. If you hear any of the following sounds emanating from your AC during operation, contact us to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs in Everett, WA immediately.


Is your air conditioner squealing like a pig? If so, you need to contact a member of our staff to investigate matters. There are a few different reasons as to why you may hear a squealing sound coming from your air conditioning system, including a lack of sufficient lubrication, or simply a bad fan belt. You want to have these problems resolved before the component in question snaps or breaks down, rendering your AC useless just when you may need it most.


Does it sound as though there is something banging around in your outdoor AC cabinet? For obvious reasons, you want to know for sure that every component housed therein is secure. If the motor mount is loose, or the fan is off kilter and banging against its housing, continuing to run your air conditioner could potentially do serious damage to your system.


If you hear clicking noises coming from your air conditioner, other than at the point of startup or shutdown, you should give us a call. Most often, this is a sign of a problem with an electrical component in the system, such as a relay. Don’t let your electrical issues go unresolved for long, as they can negatively affect your AC over time.

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