Air ConditioningNeed a New AC? Have You Considered a Heat Pump?

Okay, we are officially in the summer season. That means that now is the time to really get on that air conditioning installation or replacement project that you’ve been putting off. Waiting any longer to get your new air conditioner in place could result in some pretty serious discomfort over the coming weeks and months. Whether investing in a brand new air conditioner for a brand new home, or you just want to replace an old, ailing, or broken down air conditioner on your property, you should give some serious thought to the use of a heat pump in Everett, WA. Read on to learn more.

The Heat Pump Is Ideal for the PNW!

Not everyone is cut out for the weather patterns here in the Pacific Northwest. Sure, we get our share of rainy and chilly weather. However, one of the great benefits of living in this part of the country is that we don’t really deal with extremes, be it heat or cold. That is why a heat pump is an ideal option for Washington.

During the summer season, you see, the heat pump works in pretty much the same manner as a split central air conditioner. Refrigerant is evaporated at the indoor evaporator coil, and this process removes heat from the air surrounding and passing over that coil. That heat is then dispersed outdoors as the refrigerant is re-condensed in the outdoor condenser coil.

The heat pump makes its mark in versatility, though. It is able to reverse its refrigerant cycle entirely, reversing the operation of its coils and its own function entirely. During the relatively mild winter season around here, the heat pump can heat your home with outstanding efficiency by making use of heat in the air outside. This heat is absorbed, the refrigerant compressed, and its thermal energy warms your home in an affordable and eco-friendly manner.

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