Air ConditioningNew Features to Think About with Air Conditioning Replacement

When you are about to embark on replacing your air conditioning system, you don’t have to think of it as just swapping out an old unit for a newer version. This is a chance to install a system with better, more advanced features so you will not only have superior comfort, but superior savings and convenience as well.

The technology of air conditioners continues to advance, so there are many new features available now that you may not have had access to when your current AC was installed. We’ll look at some of the options you can choose from when you have a new air conditioner put in.

For help sorting through your choices, as well as great suggestions for new ones, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. You will need us for the installation eventually, so call us in early in the process to help you receive the best from your new air conditioner.

Features to consider for a new AC

  • Wireless thermostats: These recent developments in comfort control allow for greater versatility of thermostat placement and for additional thermostats in a house that make controlling the temperature far more convenient. You can also opt for remote control: no need to walk across the room to the panel to keep tweaking the thermostat settings. Wireless thermostats also feature superior precision, which translates into better cooling and energy savings.
  • Zone control: Are you tired of wasting energy every time you turn on the air conditioning because you have to cool down rooms that don’t need it? Fitting in a zone control system into the ventilation allows you to shut off or lower cooling to different regions of your home, saving you money and permitting you to adjust temperature to match the function of rooms. When combined with wireless thermostats, you will have complete control over the cooling of your house!
  • Go geothermal: This might seem like a huge step, but if you choose to have a geothermal heat pump put in for your next installation, you can expect to have it pay back its costs with excellent efficiency in around 5–10 years… and they can last three times that length! Geothermal systems also give you efficient heating for winter no matter the outside temperatures, and their emission-free performance benefit the environment.

Whatever enhancements you want for your new air conditioning replacement in Lynwood, WA, whether large or small, G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. will help you with it. Our technicians will guide you toward the best new features and make sure they will work with your home and new cooling set up.


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