Air ConditioningPotential Issues with Your Air Ducts

If you, like most homeowners, use a central air conditioning system in order to cool your home during the summer months, then you are putting a lot of faith in the overall operation of your system and its ductwork. In fact, you may be putting a little too much faith in those air ducts.

After all, there are actually a number of potential problems that your air ducts may encounter, and they are not all necessarily immediately obvious. Here are some warning signs that you may need duct cleaning, repair, sealing, or testing services in Everett, WA.

  • Tears and leaks. One of the major problems that you may encounter with your air ducts are tears and leaks throughout the system. This could be the result of corrosion, accidental damage during renovations around the house, or countless other causes. Whatever the case may be, having your air ducts repaired and sealed promptly is a must. Look out for uneven heating/cooling and increasing energy costs.
  • Dust and dirt. You may not think immediately of your air ducts when doing your spring cleaning, but it is very important that the interior surfaces of your air ducts are clean. Otherwise, you may run into issues with reduced Indoor Air Quality and efficiency decline. When dust and dirt builds up on sensitive components in your system, it can negatively affect the overall performance of that equipment.
  • Vermin. If you have pests living in your ductwork, ours is not the number to call — yet. You are going to have to have the infestation dealt with first and foremost. Once you have, though, you may find that followup services are necessary. It is always worthwhile to clean your air ducts after such an infestation, and repairs may be needed if the vermin did any damage to the ducts.

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