Air ConditioningSigns of Trouble with Your AC Fan Motor

There are two motors in your air conditioning system in Everett, and either one could experience problems that can ultimately affect your whole system. It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether or not a problem is originating from your fan, but there are some signs that can indicate a fan issue is occurring. Many fan issues can be resolved fairly quickly, but ignoring an issue with either one of your fans can create bigger problems down the road.

So what can go wrong with your fans’ motors? Let’s take a look

  • Motor is malfunctioning – the fan motors are electric, and as such can overheat or suffer from burned out connections due to use or excessive current. If the motor can be fixed, it will be, but sometimes a motor may need to be replaced.
  • Wiring problems – wires in the motor, and throughout your AC system, can corrode, disconnect or fray with normal wear-and-tear. When this happens, electricity may not be delivered properly to the components, causing a slow-down or breakdown. The wiring in your fans’ motors can be intricate, so it’s best to leave any electrical work on your system to your air conditioning technician.
  • Bearing problems – the bearings in your fans’ motors need to be properly lubricated to keep working as they should; otherwise, they can grind and eventually come to a stop, causing the motor to malfunction or breakdown.
  • Issues with the run capacitors – run capacitors are devices that alter the current to your fans’ electric motors. A failed capacitor can cause your fans’ motors to slow down or overheat, potentially leading to malfunction.

Don’t ‘Fan’ the Problems – Call a Professional

Fan issues can be complex and involve several components, depending on the specific malfunction; this is why it’s important to use a trained professional when it comes to fan repairs to your air conditioning system in Everett. If you suspect you may have an issue with one of your system’s fans, or are experiencing other problems with your air conditioner, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., today.


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