Air ConditioningWater Leaking from Your AC Can Do Real Damage!

As you probably know (and as we have discussed in past posts), your air conditioner does not use water in its operation, but may still appear to leak water for a couple of different reasons. It is possible that your system may ice up due to refrigerant leaks, and that this ice can melt, or that your condensate drain line may back up or leak. In either case, it is actually possible for the water coming from your air conditioner to damage your property in a few different ways. To avoid the need for serious home or air conditioning repairs in Everett, WA, dial our number the moment that you see water coming from your AC.

Warped/Rotting Wood

Your floors are not made for sailing the high seas in, and prolonged exposure to water can leave your floors in pretty bad condition. Wood rot can set in, causing the need for the replacement of floor boards, or your floors may warp out of their normal shape. Either situation is hugely undesirable, so you are wise to resolve any issues with a leaky AC as soon as you possibly can.

Collapsed Ceilings

Is the air handler of your air conditioning system in the attic? If so, then the water leaking out of it due to melting ice or misguided condensate can put the integrity of your ceiling at risk. Have you noticed that your ceiling is sagging, or even that it is clearly filled with patches of fluid? You had better not only have the ceiling itself fixed up, but also put an end to the root of the problem with your AC before the ceiling comes crashing down.

Mold Growth

Few problems that we encounter in our homes are quite as worrisome as mold growth. Once mold sets in, it can really stick around. Mold thrives in damp, humid conditions, so allowing your AC to soak an area of your home with water is a major risk factor.

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