Air ConditioningWhat Causes an AC to Shut Down Prematurely?

Here in Washington, summer is still a few weeks off in the future. At this time of year, though, we like to give homeowners some refreshers to help them ensure a comfortable environment throughout the summer season, via a dependable and effective performance from their home cooling systems. In order to do so, you must be able to spot the signs of trouble that an air conditioner may present, so that you can schedule any necessary AC repairs in Everett, WA ASAP. One problem that you may encounter is short-cycling, and this can be indicative of serious problems with your AC.

What Is Short Cycling?

Let us set the scene for you. It’s a hot, but pleasant, summer day. Your home starts to warm up a bit, and your AC kicks on for another cooling cycle. Not too long after it does so, though, it comes to a sudden stop! This is called short cycling, and it is detrimental in many ways. Your system is going to restart itself again, and if the (short) cycle continues, you are going to wind up burning through energy, as the system requires the most energy when starting up. This also puts unnecessary wear and tear on the system, which can increase the risk of damages and even shorten its lifespan.

What Causes the Problem?

Short cycling may be the result of a few different issues. If this has always been your system’s modus operandi, it may be due to improper sizing of your system. If your system is too big, it may simply be cooling your house too quickly. Unfortunately, replacing that system with an appropriately sized one is the only cure in this instance. If the short cycling is a new development, though, you may have a mechanical failure, such as a faulty run capacitor. The run capacitor is a device that helps to maintain the appropriate current in your AC, allowing it to run smoothly.

Whatever the case, you can count on G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to help you to get the great AC performance that you deserve.


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