Air ConditioningWhat to Expect During a Routine maintenance Appointment

In the summertime, you may look forward to running your air conditioner in the middle of a long, hot day. But this summertime wear and tear may eventually cause problems for your AC that could lead to costly repairs. If you haven’t already scheduled air conditioning maintenance for the summer, now is the best time to contact a technician who can restore efficiency and performance to your system and keep your air conditioner running smoothly for the rest of the season.

If you’ve never called for air conditioning maintenance, you may be unsure of what to expect. During a repair call, a technician fixes your system to get everything back in working order. During a maintenance visit, a technician performs services that restore efficiency and prevent damage to your system.

  • Clean System Components: Dirty air conditioning components may interfere with heat exchange, while debris may damage mechanical parts. Debris in the fan motor, for example, may cause the outdoor fan to turn too slowly. Since the evaporator and condenser coil help refrigerant to remove heat, a dirty coil may restrict heat absorption, causing your home to feel warmer and your energy bills to rise. A technician will check these and other parts that may need to be cleaned.
  • Check Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels often indicate a leak, which should be repaired immediately to avoid a sudden breakdown. Refrigerant absorbs the heat in your home and releases it outdoors. Low levels can decrease efficiency and may lead to major repair needs, such as compressor damage.
  • Inspect Your System for Repair Needs: Another important step of routine air conditioning maintenance is inspection. You may have a damaged AC component that you have not noticed. If there is damage that needs immediate attention, the technician will let you know so that you can schedule repairs as soon as possible.

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