Air ConditioningWhy Does My AC Freeze Up?

We are definitely leaving the hottest weather of the year behind us at this point, but that does not mean that you are not going to need your AC much over the course of the next few weeks. Summer seems to be lingering around later into the season, and you are going to have to cool your home a bit longer yet. That is precisely why you cannot afford to ignore any with your home cooling system.

Yes, it may be tempting to do so this late in the season. However, doing so will only result in more serious issues, and potentially costly damages to your air conditioner in Everett, WA. One issue you may notice is ice on your air conditioner, and you need to resolve that problem as soon as possible. 

Ice on your air conditioner may be the result of a few different issues. You may just have an air filter that really needs to be changed. If airflow resistance in the system is too high, there may just not be enough air passing over the evaporator coil. It can then get too cold, freezing the condensation collected on it. You may also have refrigerant leaks, which cause much the same issue but are substantially more serious in nature. Even a backed up condensate drain line can lead to icing, as the condensation just has nowhere to go.

Whatever the cause of the problem may be, you need to have it taken care of immediately. Ice on the evaporator coil will wind up insulating the coil further, which in turn further impedes the heat transfer process. It’s essentially a self-feeding problem, and it is not going to go away on its own. Don’t let your comfort be reduced or your compressor strained and damaged.

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