Air ConditioningWhy Is My AC Leaking Water?

We definitely are not ready to switch over to our air conditioning systems quite yet. There is a fair amount of chilly weather left before the heat of the summer season starts settling in. Be that as it may, now is a good time to start thinking about your air conditioner in practical terms. This means both scheduling routine maintenance to ensure that your system is ready for action when summer arrives, and refreshing your memory as to potential problems that you may encounter.

It is not uncommon for us to get repair calls right as summer gets underway, as systems that have had a few months off begin working their kinks out. One problem that you may run into is water leaking from your air conditioner. It is a baffling turn of events, but one with relatively simple explanation.

No, Your Air Conditioner Does Not Use Water

Evaporative chillers aside, residential air conditioning systems do not use water at any point in their operation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are hallucinating when you see water around your system. But if there’s no water in the system, how is it leaking out?

Well, it’s not, exactly. More than likely, what you are seeing is the result of condensation that is not draining properly. When your air conditioner cools the air, remember, your system removes humidity from that air. That moisture collects on the evaporator coil, where it must drain off and be disposed of. It drips into a condensate drain pan, and drains through the condensate drain line. A damaged or misaligned pan, or blocked drain line, can easily cause a backup.

Now, you could also have an issue with ice melt. If you ever see ice on AC unit, remember that this is not normal. You could have an air filter so dirty that is restricting airflow enough for condensation to freeze on the evaporator coil. However, you could also have a refrigerant leak that is causing the icing, and that is a much more serious problem.

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