Air ConditioningWhy You Need a Properly Sized Air Conditioning System

While we are certainly not going to be running our air conditioners nonstop anytime soon, the hot weather is definitely on its way. Is your air conditioner ready to handle the heat of summer once more? If you are planning to replace your air conditioning system this year, or if you are investing in your very first whole-house cooling system, you must keep in mind just how important it is that you have an appropriately sized air conditioning system installed in your home. If your new air conditioner in Everett, WA is not of the right size for your home, there is just no way in which you can hope to enjoy the great cooling performance that you deserve.

Problems with Undersized Systems

As you can imagine, having an air conditioner that is too small to handle your cooling load is going to result in some serious problems. First of all, it will fail to cool your home evenly and effectively throughout. You may also notice that your cooling costs are rising even more rapidly than the temperature outside, which is a result of your system running too hard, for too long, as it struggles to cool your home. The strain that this puts on your home cooling system can also result in frequent repair needs, breakdowns, and even the need for a premature replacement.

Oversized Systems Are No Better

It’s fairly obvious that an undersized AC is going to be problematic, but many homeowners are surprised to hear that oversized air conditioners can be just much so. An oversized AC means that you’ve payed for more cooling power than you’ll ever need. It also means that it will cool your home too quickly, leaving too much humidity in the air, and short cycling frequently. Trust us when we tell you that we’ll find the right AC, of the right size, for your home.

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