Air ConditioningYour Air Conditioner Is Failing to Impress? It May Be Your Thermostat

When our air conditioners are not cooling our homes very successfully, we tend to envision the worst case scenarios. Maybe the entire system needs to be replaced. Maybe you have a serious refrigerant leak threatening the integrity of the system. Maybe, though, the thermostat on your wall is to blame.

Before you go jumping to conclusions, remember that this device, though small in stature, has an enormous impact on the overall operation of your HVAC system. If your air conditioner is not operating properly, or if it is leaving your home warming than you’d like, give us a call. We’ll determine if your thermostat in Marysville, WA is the culprit.

Placement, Maintenance, Design

Okay, so your air conditioner is up and running, and everything seems to be operating properly. You know that you’ve set the thermostat to the temperature that you are targeting. But you’re still not comfortable. What’s going on here?

There are many reasons for such problems, but one of the simplest is that the thermostat is just not placed in an ideal area. Direct sunlight and proximity to doors, windows, and even poorly insulated areas of the house can all cause your thermostat to read temperatures inaccurately. Resolve the issue may require nothing more than having one of our technicians move and rewire your thermostat for you.

There is also the question of maintenance. Your thermostat is obviously not going to require the level of detailed maintenance that the system’s compressor will. That doesn’t mean that you can ignore it entirely, though. If your thermostat is dirty and components within are caked with dust, you cannot really expect it to function flawlessly.

Finally, take the design of your thermostat into consideration. If you have a very old thermostat with a mercury bulb switch — which we honestly hope is not the case, but it happens — something as simple as it being crooked can cause problems. Such thermostats may require calibration. Newer digital models do not, though, and they allow you to set temperatures more accurately and with far greater convenience.

Let G & S Heating Cooling & Electric know if you have any concerns about your thermostat or your HVAC system in general. Call today for service!


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