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Why Your AC Is Making a Strange Noise

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

When you have your air conditioner running all day, only to discover that it is failing to cool your home effectively or at all, it is clear that repairs are in order. You should never wait for such a problem to develop before scheduling repair services if you have a choice, though. Often, there are warning signs that something is going wrong with any given air conditioning system. You just have to know what to keep an eye—or an ear—out for. Strange sounds are actually among the most common indicators that you need professional air conditioning repairs in Everett, WA. To learn more about potential causes of such sounds, just read on. If you are ready to schedule any air conditioning services, just call the pros at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.

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Why Is Ice on My AC a Problem?

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Considering the fact that you use your air conditioning system in order to cool your home down during the summer season, it may surprise you to hear that having ice on your air conditioner is actually a serious problem. Counterintuitive as this may seem, you really ought to contact a member of our staff the moment that you notice ice anywhere on your system. You are very likely in need of professional air conditioning repairs in Everett, WA. There are a few different potential causes for this particular problem. No matter what the precise nature of the issue, though, you can count on our technicians to resolve it properly. Call G & S Heating Cooling & Electric for more details.

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Why an Icy AC Is an Issue

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Considering the fact that your central air conditioning system is, of course, responsible for keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hottest time of the year, it may be difficult for you to understand precisely why it is that having ice on your air conditioning system is such a serious sign of trouble. As serious sign of trouble it is, though, and the professional AC technicians here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., have put together some information to help you understand precisely why this is. Read the information below, and remember to contact us if you notice that you have ice on your system. We are the company to call when you need any AC repairs in North Seattle.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls: Sounds Signaling AC Repair Needs

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

You turn on your air conditioner and starts blasting hot air into your home. Clearly it is time to have it repaired. Perhaps it won’t start up at all, another pretty clear cut sign that repairs are in your immediate future. We here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electric, Inc., though, encourage homeowners to schedule AC repairs at the sign of any trouble with their systems, even if they are still operational. Even strange sounds, after all, can alert AC users to the fact that something is wrong with their systems. Here are a few to keep your ears open for. If you notice these sounds coming from your AC, don’t hesitate to take action. Contact us to schedule truly exceptional AC repairs. 

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Benefits of Immediate Air Conditioning Repair

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The summer season in North Seattle may not be as long or quite as intensely hot as it is in other parts of the country. However, it is still absolutely necessary to keep your air conditioning system functioning at peak performance and efficiency levels. The last thing that you want to do is sweat through an uncomfortable summer season in your home, only to be shocked by high cooling costs when the utility bills roll in. If you notice anything odd about the way your air conditioner operates as we ease into the cooling season, do not hesitate to contact us. Immediate air conditioning repairs are always in your best interest. When you need professional air conditioning repairs throughout the area, remember that G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. is the company to call. 

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Is it Time to Call for Ductless AC System Repair?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Ductless air conditioning systems have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and it is not difficult to understand why. Not only do ductless cooling systems offer easy to use zone control cooling, but the elimination of ductwork can also help homeowners to cool their homes more efficiently while also protecting the quality of the air throughout their homes. Like all other air conditioners, and mechanical systems in general, though, ductless air conditioners can never be truly 100% reliable. You will likely require ductless AC system repairs in Everett at some point. When you do, you can count on the technicians at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to guarantee that they are completed promptly.

Learning to recognize the warning signs that your ductless AC is in trouble is the best way in which to ensure that any necessary ductless AC repairs are completed in a timely fashion. Trouble regulating temperatures in any particular cooling zone is one of the most common indicators that there is a problem with your system. It could be that the blower servicing that area of your home is compromised in some way, or that your thermostat is malfunctioning. Only a trained professional can determine the exact cause of the problem.

You may also find that your ductless air conditioner, which can utilize heat pump technology in order to both heat and cool your home, is stuck in its heating mode. If you are certain that you’ve switched it over to the cooling function, but it is still blowing warm air, contact us right away. We’ll have it back to cooling your home effectively promptly.

An inexplicable rise in your cooling costs is another sign that your ductless AC is in trouble. You probably use your ductless AC enough to have a general idea of just how much it costs to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home during the cooling season. If it is costing more and more to do so, professional ductless AC system repair in Everett may be necessary. Again, there are many different reasons as to why  your cooling system may be working at reduced efficiency levels.

By working with the pros at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., you can ensure that any problems with your system are resolved completely so that your ductless AC one again operates at peak performance and efficiency levels.

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Is My Central Air Conditioner in Need of Repair Service?

Friday, July 18th, 2014

There are many advantages to using a central air conditioning system rather than small window units. One is that you can have a central air conditioner repaired when it starts to malfunction, while a broken window unit will have to be replaced. (It’s never cost-effective to attempt to repair a window unit.) Skilled AC repair technicians can quickly get to the source of any problem you may have with your central air conditioner and repair the problem promptly and correctly.

There are a number of signs to look for that will alert you that you need to call for air conditioning repairs. AC malfunctions are not always as obvious as a system that simply shuts down. If you pay attention to these following warnings, you can schedule repairs before the malfunction seriously jeopardizes your comfort.

For fast service from top-level AC professionals, contact G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

Ways to tell you need central air conditioning repair service

  • Short-cycling: The term “short-cycling” refers to a condition where your air conditioner’s compressor comes on for only a short time before shutting off again, and then repeats the process. This will result in a large waste of energy, but it’s also a signal that something has gone wrong in the system, such as reduced airflow or loss of refrigerant. It’s something that needs prompt attention.
  • Unusual noises: Modern air conditioners have sound dampers to make them run as quietly as possible, and the only regular noises you should hear will come from the fans and the motors. A loud and unexpected noise—such as grinding, screeching, and groaning—usually warns of a mechanical malfunction threatening operation. There are many possible reasons for these noises, so call in the professionals to track down the cause and fix it.
  • Ice developing on the coil: The indoor coil of your air conditioner should never have ice along it anywhere. Even though you expect to receive cooling from an AC, you shouldn’t expect it to create ice. When ice starts to form along the indoor coil, it could mean refrigerant loss, too much dirt inside the cabinet, or a clogged air filter. Whatever the reason, it needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Rising utility bills: An air conditioner can deliver the cooling you expect, but require excessive energy to do it because of a repair need. Keep a close watch on your electrical bills during the summer, and if you notice a sudden spike in costs for which you cannot account, the problem may stem from a malfunctioning AC. A skilled technician can look into the problem and identify the cause.

Since 1977, G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has served Everett, WA with air conditioning repairs to keep homes cooled and families happy. The moment you think you need repairs for your central AC, give our team call.

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Summer HVAC Upgrades for Lower Energy Bills in Puget Sound

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Everyone in Puget Sound wants to make their home more energy efficient, it not only saves you money but it also makes your home more environmentally friendly. Installing an efficient air conditioning system is a great place to start, but it can be hard to decide what to do first.

Before you start making changes, ask yourself the flowing questions:

How much do you spend on energy?

Paying attention to your energy bill from month to month is very important. A sudden spike could be an indication that you need air conditioning repairs or other appliances need attention in your home. If you start trying to embrace an energy efficient lifestyle, your energy bill can help you keep track of how well you are doing.

Are there benefits to this upgrade?

In addition to being energy efficient, you should discover if there are any other ways that a change can benefit your home. For instance, a new air conditioner could make your home more comfortable, or zone control could make it easier to keep every room in your home the desired temperature. You’d be surprised how many energy efficient upgrades can really improve your whole home and not just your energy bill.

What is your budget?

Budgeting is never fun, but it’s important step to figuring out what you should change first. While it would be great to replace your air conditioner and furnace for ENERGY STAR rated models, it’s a big investment. You can try the little things first, like improving you insulation, repairing air ducts, and sealing air leaks. After you have saved up and improved other parts of your home you can work on replacing your HVAC equipment.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home will make it more comfortable and lower your utility bills. If you have any questions about energy efficient upgrades you can make to your home, call G & S Heating, Cooling, & Electric today!

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Signs of a Broken Air Conditioning Compressor in Puget Sound

Monday, May 21st, 2012

The air compressor is a key portion of any air conditioning unit in Puget Sound, and when it is failing it is important to try and catch the warning signs so you do not have to pay to much to replace it.  Here are a few examples of sigs you will notice during air conditioning maintenance, and a few solutions you might be able to apply.

When you start your air conditioning unit, does it start smoothly, or does it sound like it is jerking on, and not everything is turning on in unison?  If the air conditioner jerks on that is called a hard-start, and it is one of the first signs that your compressor is struggling.  Noises coming from your air conditioning unit will always be a good indication of how it is operating.   If there is clanking, buzzing, grumbling, or just anything outside the realm of a fan and electric humming noise there is a good chance that air conditioner repairs are needed.

If you are familiar with how to open up your AC unit, try to locate the compressor motor.  If you can tell that the wiring has shorted out, or the wiring has become irreparably tarnished this is an indication that your compressor, or motor has to be replaced.

A few obvious signs that your compressor is broken, is if the circuit breaker shorts off every time the AC unit turns on, or the unit just hums when it is turned on.  It is important to not completely give up on the compressor though, because if the unit is not turning on there could just be a loose electrical connection.  A professional HVAC technician should really repair these electrical problems.

If you are not receiving optimal performance from your cooling system call G & S Heating and Cooling to have our team of HVAC technicians service your cooling equipment.

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6 tips to Saving on HVAC Repairs in Kenmore

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Maintenance tips every homeowner should know

With summer fast approaching and the temperatures beginning to climb in Kenmore, there are a few things that homeowners should investigate that will save them money in costly air conditioner repairs.  Before you can investigate those elements though, you must have a basic understanding of the components in a residential HVAC system.  There are a few main components, and there are relatively few standardized locations for each one.

First you have your exterior unit sometimes referred to as the pump.  This piece is outside, and is usually made up of a few components that cycle the refrigerant and send it through the coils.

The next component is the air handler which circulates the air that needs to be cooled over some coils or a grid of tubing that has refrigerant cooling the tubes that transfers that chill to the air that is circulating.  This element is often in a utility area or garage or in an area above the garage, but always has a pan to catch excess condensation.  The condensation that accumulates in this pan also has a pipe that leads to the exterior of the house to allow the condensation to flow outside before it overflows into your living space.

The third element is the duct work, and this would also include the vents, the insulated tubes or ducts, the returns and the connective elements that hold it in place.

The final piece is the programable thermostat which is the control and monitoring component that manages the temperature and the length of the cycles that the unit will have to complete before shutting down.  I will give two (2) examples below of each component on how to maintain and save money on possible costly repairs in the future.

1)     The Exterior Unit –

  1. Always cut brush and shrubbery at least 12 inches away from the perimeter of the outside unit.  This will allow the unit ample area and air flow to keep from overheating.
  2. Always have the exterior unit protected from electrical surges or lightning.  As infrequent as it may be, lightning can be very dangerous to the circuit that allows the unit to run, and so you may want to ask about any surge protection or breakers that can be installed from your power company to prevent blown circuits.

2)     The Air Handler –

  1. Clear the drip pan overflow tube regularly.  You can place a suction end of a shop vac on the exterior end of the tube to draw any mold or mildew that has grown in that tube, and you can also ask your plumber or a/c tech to install a “T” in the pipe with a short section of tubing and a cap for the section.  It should be easily accessible and not interfere with the flow of the piping.  This tube should be used to keep the pipes clear by pouring a cap of bleach into that “T” to prevent further growth that would obstruct the flow.
  2. At least once per year have a trained professional technician service the coils in the handler to check for leaks and clean the coils.

3)     The Duct Work –

  1. Be sure once your system is running, go into the accessible crawlspace or ceiling areas where your ducts are running, and feel the length of the ducts and especially the seams for any cold air leaking out.  This is the sign of faulty seams that may have worked loosened or separated tape or sealant on those seams, and it may need to be repaired by an a/c tech.
  2. Clean your ducts at least annually.  This will lessen the likelihood of spreading or harboring mold, mildew or cold germs in the minute layer of grime that accumulates on the inside of your ducts.  It is also worth repeating here that you should be changing out your filters on your air return vents regularly – check on the labeling of the filter you choose because some can go as long as three months between replacements, but if you are not sure, plan to change the filters monthly.

4)     The Thermostat –

  1. If you still have a mercury-based thermostat, do everyone a favor and take it to a recycling facility that will properly dispose of the mercury and recycle what can be re-used.  Also, this is when you need to consider a programmable thermostat.  They allow you to plan to reduce or turn off the a/c when you are not at home or if you plan to be away for a while.  You do not have to suffer because of that choice because you can set it to turn prior to your arrival home, and cool the house to comfortable by the time you come in.
  2. Annually, have your thermostat calibrated.  You may be setting you’re a/c to a certain temperature, but you may not be aware that your thermostat is over-cooling to a new temperature, or under-cooling and thus never getting your house comfortable.  The calibration will allow you a little more control over your temperature and finances you need to pay for that temperature difference.

I hope these are helpful to you as a consumer, and most importantly give you a few techniques to prolong the life of your unit as well as save money on costly repairs that could have been avoided.  To be clear, the above recommendations are for a Heat Pump style unit, and you should verify this is what you have at your house prior to inquiring about some of the more permanent suggestions in this article.  If you have any questions about this blog please call G & S Heating, Cooling, & Electric

These home savings tips were sent by Joe Schembri with U Fill or We Fill, a Tampa dumpster rental company.

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