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Heat Your Home Efficiently with a Heat Pump

Monday, December 4th, 2017

hot-and-cold-homesThere is a lot to love about the Pacific Northwest, from our sweeping mountain views to our vibrant cities and neighborhoods. One other part of life in the PNW that many people enjoy is the fact that our winters are relatively mild. No, not as mild as, say, Arizona’s, but we are not going to see extreme cold the way that they do in Minnesota or Vermont. Even so, you are definitely going to need a great heater installed in your home.

There is a world of difference between “relatively mild” and “comfortable,” after all. Because of our particular climate, the heat pump is actually an ideal solution for people in this area looking to heat their homes in an efficient manner. If you are thinking about replacing your heater this winter (or, for that matter, your air conditioner this summer) then you should definitely be adding the heat pump to your shortlist. Read on to learn more about how a heat pump in Shoreline, WA can benefit you.

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Don’t Forget About Your Ductless Mini Split Tune-Up!

Monday, February 13th, 2017

ductless-min-splitThere is no way that you’ve not heard about how important routine heating and cooling maintenance is if you’ve been following this blog at all. The long and short of it is this. Your heating and air conditioning systems will never function as well, reliably, or efficiently as possible if you fail to schedule routine maintenance service. Now, that’s all well and good, but what happens when you use just one system throughout the entire year? We’ll tell you what should happen. You should schedule routine maintenance for it twice!

A system that is functioning as a heater and as an air conditioner, such as your ductless mini split, is doing the twice the amount of work that a designated heater or AC system would be doing. If you fail to schedule ductless mini split tune-ups twice a year, that is the equivalent of scheduling furnace maintenance only every other year. You are really just asking for trouble if this is the attitude that you take. Contact us if you have any questions, or to schedule ductless mini split services in Everett, WA.

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Heat Pump FAQ: Isn’t Electric Heating Expensive?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Electric resistance heating is certainly nothing new. Many homeowners use electric space heaters to warm a single room — while paying careful attention to safe usage practices, we hope — while whole homes may be heated with electric furnaces or electric radiant heating. Now, electric resistance heating is 100% efficient in that no thermal energy is wasted to flue gases or incomplete combustion. However, the relatively high price of electricity still means that electric heating will usually cost more than using a gas heater.

So why all the buzz around heat pumps? Well, heat pumps are incredibly efficient. However, they also operate affordably. In order to better understand how a heat pump is able to perform this balancing act, you must understand how it is that a heat pump generates heat. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t.

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Why Is There Ice on My Heat Pump?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

The last thing that you want to see on your heating system is ice, right? Well, the development of ice on a heat pump in the winter is actually not as serious of a problem as you may think it is. It is also not at all uncommon.

In fact, heat pumps feature a defrost cycle in order to deal with this very situation. Even so, very frequent development of ice on the system, or ice that encases the entire outdoor unit, can indicate more serious issues. Read on to learn a bit more about ice on your heat pump in North Seattle, WA, and when you should be concerned.

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Heat Pumps: Double the Workload, Double the Maintenance

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Because our winters are relatively mild, compared to areas such as the Midwest or the Northeast, at least, using a heat pump in Everett, WA actually makes a lot of sense. These systems use existing heat in the air outside in order to heat homes with great efficiency, and they reverse their operation during the summer in order to vent heat from the air within a home to the great outdoors. If you want to keep your heat pump in great working condition, of course, it is important that you schedule the routine heat pump maintenance that your system needs to succeed. This may be more than you realize, though.

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Why Ice Forms on Heat Pumps During Winter

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

If you’re using a heat pump to keep warm this winter, you may notice ice forming on the outside part of the system. If you see this happening, don’t panic. It isn’t necessarily a problem, but it can become one under the right circumstances. Ice should be monitored as an indicator of whether or not your heat pump is working properly. Let’s take a look at why ice forms on heat pumps in the first place, and when you should call for repairs.

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Does My Heat Pump Need Repairs?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

A lot of people in this area choose to use heat pumps in order to keep their properties comfortable throughout the year. The fact that a heat pump can both heat and cool a home is, of course, a major benefit. Using one system to achieve year round comfort may sound too good to be true, but the heat pump makes this luxury a very viable option. Plus, our relatively mild winter weather leaves us perfectly situation for heat pump use. Like any other HVAC system, of course, your heat pump will run into operational problems from time to time. If you have any reason at all to believe that you require heat pump repairs in Everett, WA, contact us immediately. G & S Heating Cooling & Electric will get your system back on track promptly.

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Why We Are Ideally Located for Heat Pump Use

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

As great as it is to have your options open, having a number of different options available can also make it a bit difficult to determine which is right for your own needs and personal preferences. This is certainly the case when choosing a new HVAC system, as there are now more systems available for residential property owners than ever before. There is no one system that will suit everyone’s needs, of course. That being said, we’d advise you to consider the use of a heat pump in Everett, WA. Because of the heat pump’s unique operation, our climate is actually perfectly suited to the use of such systems. Contact G & S Heating Cooling & Electric today for more details. 

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How can Heat Pumps Both Heat and Cool?

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Homeowners today face no shortage of options when it comes to ways in which to heat and cool their homes. Many a savvy homeowner has taken notice of the fact, though, that there are now systems which allow them to do both using the same equipment throughout the year. If this sounds too good to be true, trust us when we tell you that the goal is well within your reach. You simply need to use a heat pump in Carnation in order to do so. Schedule your heat pump services with G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to ensure that your system is able to heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently for year round comfort.

If you are not familiar with the technology, then you may be wondering how it is that a heat pump can both heat and cool your home. The key to this versatility is the reversing valve. True to its name, the reversing valve employed by a heat pump allows for the reversal of its operation and primary function.

Heat pumps use an outdoor coil in their operation. When running in the heating mode, a heat pump uses this coil to function as an evaporator, meaning that it absorbs heat. The coil indoors, meanwhile, releases heat; it acts as a condenser. Liquid refrigerant goes into the outdoor coil, picking up heat, and vaporizes. This vapor enters the compressor, where it is compressed. This allows it to attain a high temperature and pressure, at which point it then travels to the indoor coil. The heat is released, and the refrigerant becomes liquid again. Now the cycle simply starts anew.

By reversing the flow of the refrigerant, the entire function of the heat pump is reversed. The functions of the coil mirror their operations in heating mode, with the indoor coil acting as an evaporator and the outdoor coil acting as the condenser. Heat is absorbed indoors, and the refrigerant is pumped outside. Because the air around the coil is cooler than the refrigerant therein, the heat transfers to the air outside.

If all of this sounds simple, trust us: it is only simple in theory. The only way in which you can count on your heat pump to both heat and cool your home effectively is to schedule your heat pump services in Carnation with a trained professional.

Fortunately for you, doing so is as simple as calling upon the pros here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.

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What Parts of Your Heat Pump Require Maintenance?

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

A heat pump is an important investment in your home comfort. Heat pumps are some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available for purchase today. Air source heat pumps work a lot like traditional split-system air conditioners to cool down a home by using refrigerant to pull heat from the air in your house and release it to the outside. But in cooler weather, refrigerant can reverse to bring heat into the house.

A lot of important components are required in order for this process to take place. And since your heat pump is such a vital investment, you should protect it by keeping the parts maintained. A well-maintained heat pump won’t run into too much trouble, and it will likely run more efficiently. Many people notice that their electrical bills lower soon after heat pump maintenance, and that their systems cool or heat the home faster.

So which parts of your system will a technician look at during professional heat pump maintenance? Well the short answer is everything! Each and every component of your system should be looked over during a maintenance inspection so that a technician can determine if something is in need of repair or adjustment. This is simply not a job for an amateur. A technician is better able to recognize whether something is not quite right. Contractors keep all of the tools necessary for heat pump maintenance on hand and you can schedule repairs sooner if necessary.

A contractor will also clean any component that could be hindered by dirt and debris. Dirt on the coils may keep refrigerant from absorbing heat properly, which could decrease efficiency and lead to repairs. Professionals know the proper methods to use to make minor adjustments and ways to clean that won’t damage the unit. There is one component you can clean or replace on your own: the air filter. This must be either replaced or cleaned every one to three months if you run your air conditioner frequently, as a clogged filter blocks air from entering the heat pump.

Call the experts at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today to schedule heat pump maintenance with a professional technician at your home in Bothell.

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