Electrical3 Causes of Electrical Issues in Your Home

Most people don’t think about all the switches and connections that happen when you flick a switch or hit the power button on an appliance – at least, not until the item doesn’t work. The electricity in your home travels over an amazing, complex system, and there can be a lot of reasons why you may need electrical repair in Snohomish. Here are some of the more common ones:

Bad Wiring

Whether you inherited bad wiring or had the misfortune of working with someone who installed your wiring incorrectly, bad wiring is a serious problem that should be attended to right away. Bad wiring can cause dimming and/or flickering of lights, trip circuit breakers, discolor outlets and cause electrical items to short. All of these issues can be dangerous for you and your home, so if you are seeing signs of bad wiring, call for electrical help immediately.

Faulty/Undersized Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are not one-size-fits all, and there are 3 important items to review before installing any circuit breaker into an electrical box: the load capacity, whether or not the breaker is compatible with the others in your electrical panel and the limitations of a particular circuit breaker, which will tell you how and what a circuit breaker will protect. Faulty circuit breakers need to be replaced as they cannot be repaired.

Improperly Sized Electrical Panel

The electrical panel in your home is designed to deliver and manage a specific amount of electricity. If the panel is too small, you may trip circuit breakers consistently, causing appliances to shut down. Having too much power flow through your electrical box has the potential to give electrical shocks and cause fires. Adding a room to your home requires more than just adding another circuit breaker; the panel has to be able to deliver and manage the needed electricity for the new space. This is why it’s important to always hire a professional for all electrical work.

If you are experiencing electrical issues in your home, don’t try to repair the problems yourself. Instead, call the people you can trust: 3 Causes of Electrical Issues in Your Home.


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