ElectricalAre There Different Types of Smoke Detectors?

There are a lot of potential safety concerns in any home, as anyone that has ever baby-proofed a home can tell you. Far and away one of the most effective and necessary ways in which to protect yourself in your home is to have quality smoke detectors installed therein. When you have smoke detectors professionally installed in your home, you are ensuring that you have an effective first defense in place against the threat of fires.

There are different types of smoke detectors that you may choose to use. Ultimately, working closely with a professional electrician in Everett, WA is the best way to guarantee that you’ve got what you need to keep your home safe. Call us to do so.

Photoelectric, Ionization, and Combination Detectors are Available

A photoelectric smoke detectors operates via the use of a few key components, including a light source, a light beam collimating system, and a photoelectric sensor. The path of the light beam is disrupted when smoke makes its way into the detector. Specifically, smoke particles scatter some light when they enter the optical chamber. The light is directed toward the sensor, which sounds the alarm. Because such smoke detectors rely on smoke in order to disrupt the light beam, they are ideal for smoldering, smoky fires.

Ionization smoke detectors contain a very small amount of radioactive material within. The radiation makes its way through an ionization chamber. There is a constant current between 2 electrodes therein. When smoke enters the chamber, it will absorb particles and reduce the ionization. This interrupts the current, which the detector recognizes and causes the alarm to sound. This is an ideal operation for detecting fast moving fires.

There are smoke detectors that utilize certain aspects of both devices discussed above. These are combination smoke alarms. Using both smoke alarms in your home, or at least using combination smoke detectors, is certainly advisable.

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