ElectricalAre Your Outlets Hot to the Touch?

outletYou go to unplug your charger and notice that the outlet is unusually warm to the touch. What does this mean? Are you at risk for an electrical fire? There are many reasons why an electrical outlet could be hot, but pinpointing the cause of an electrical issue without the help of a trained professional can be exceedingly difficult. Our crew at G&S Heating Cooling & Electric is experienced in all types of Lynnwood, WA electrical repair, and we’re prepared to assist you with any of your electrical needs.

What’s the Cause?

If your outlet is hot, it may be a symptom of several things going awry with your electrical system. Ask yourself some of the questions below to discover the source of the issue.

Are the outlets old? It might not be a household chore that ever tops the to-do list, but old outlets do need to be replaced. Outlets that have seen a lot of wear and tear have a harder time being able to control the electricity flowing through them. If your outlet is chipped, cracked, or has just seen better days it can alter the conduction of electricity causing the outlet to become hot to the touch.

Are the wires damaged? Wire issues are difficult to discover because the problem is internal. Wires that have become loose or frayed over time generate extra heat. These wires need to be replaced immediately to ensure that excess heat escaping doesn’t spark an electrical fire.

Could the system be short-circuiting? This is typically easy to spot because it often results in burn marks, burning odors, or melted plastic surrounding the outlet. Short-circuiting happens when live wires touch one another. This is one of the more urgent electrical problems. If this is the cause of heat near an electrical source in your home, it is important to address this issue quickly with the help of a specialist.

Is the circuit overloaded? A circuit becomes overloaded when there are too many outlets in the room feeding into one circuit. When this occurs, the electrical current passes through multiple outlets, causing strain on the system. Overloaded circuits are most often recognized by blown fuses. An overburdened circuit is a common occurrence in older homes and often requires rewiring by a professional.

Ask for Professional Help

It’s important to understand how your electrical system works and problem like a hot outlet arising can become an opportunity to inform yourself about your home. However, for safety reasons, don’t try to solve electrical problems on your own. This is an instance where the help of a professional and experienced team like ours here at G&S Heating Cooling and Electric can assist you. Electrical issues put your home in danger of electrical fires or more prolonged and complex electrical problems down the line. Scheduling professional electrical services promptly not only protects your convenience and your property, but your safety as well.

Let our reliable team at G&S Heating Cooling and Electric solve your electrical problems sooner than later.


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