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Do You Smell Burning in Your Home?

Assuming that you haven’t just left the oven on a little to long, any burning odor coming from within your home could indicate a seriously dangerous situation. Don’t wait for smoke to billow or fires to break out before doing something about it. A burning odor could mean that there is a problem with your heating or electrical system.

Of course, there’s really no way for you to know for certain where this burning odor originates. That is why you are wise to contact our team when such odors present themselves. We excel in heating and electrical services in Lake Stevens, WA, and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it entirely.


There are a few reasons why your heating system may start to emit a burning odor. Oftentimes, at the beginning of the season, this is just the sound of dust or dirt burning off of the elements or burner. This late in the season, however, this is unlikely.

You may also have something lodged in your ductwork. It could be the result of pests making a home in there. You may also have a child that has forced a toy into a duct grate.

Of course, electrical wiring in the heating system may also be the root cause. You could have a problem with your heater itself overheating due to poor maintenance. Whatever the case, you really need to have professional technicians assess the situation in order to resolve it completely.


The electrical system in your home could also be to blame for this burning odor. Make no mistake about this. Burning smells coming from your electrical system could indicate dangerous problems brewing.

From arc faults to overheated wiring close to drywall, there are a lot of different issues that could cause this burning odor. In most of them, a fire is a possible outcome. Contact us immediately and we’ll make sure that your electrical system is working safely.

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