ElectricalHow Can an Attic Fan Help My AC?

Ceiling fans are very useful when trying to cool your home down efficiently, as they help to circulate the air cooled by your AC throughout the house while using less electricity than your air conditioner does. This is not the only type of fan that you should be utilizing in your home, though. You should also consider the use of an attic fan in Everett, WA.

Just like with a ceiling fan, you absolutely must have your attic fan installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals. Otherwise, there is no way that you can count on it working properly — or even safely, as it is wired right into your electrical system. Dial our number to have your attic fan professionally installed or serviced.

What Does an Attic Fan Do?

If you think that you don’t need an attic fan because you don’t hang out in your attic, you’re thinking about the situation all wrong. No, your attic fan is not designed to help keep your attic comfortable. Instead, it is there to take some of the strain off of your home cooling system. It does this by ventilating your attic.

If you’ve ever been in an attic during the summer season, you’ll know that this space can be far, far hotter than the air outside actually is. That is because heat rises, and essentially gets trapped in the attic, even as the sun is beating down on it. The problem with this is that the intense heat in your attic is going to try to make its way to a cooler environment. It will do that by radiating down through your home’s construction materials, into your living space.

By venting this very hot air out of your attic, you make sure that your AC won’t have to work overtime in trying to keep your home comfortable. Plus, it helps to vent humidity out of your attic, which can prevent many problems from developing.

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