ElectricalIt’s Time to Upgrade That Old Fuse Box

The electricians on our staff have been in the industry for some time now, and we’ve more or less seen it all when it comes to electrical issues in residential properties. While an old fuse box won’t cause us to do a double take in shock, it will likely lead us to recommend an upgrade on your property. If you decide to heed our advice, know that our electricians will complete your fuse box upgrade in Snohomish, WA with the utmost care.

Why Should I Upgrade My Fuse Box to a More Modern Service Panel?

Because fuse boxes are seen as being out of date by many homeowners in this day and age, there is a myth going around that fuse boxes are inherently dangerous for some reason. This really is not the case. Sure, a fuse box may be dangerous, but a circuit breaker panel can be dangerous too if not properly installed and expertly serviced.

The issue with fuse boxes is not so much the technology itself — after all, if it passed inspection it means that it adhered to the codes and standards of its time — but rather the way in which we use electricity today. There is a much higher demand for electricity in our homes than there would have been even a few decades back. Because of this, older fuse boxes may struggle to keep up with the demand in your home. That is where trouble can begin to develop.

Some homeowners may use fuses that are too large for the wiring just to prevent frequently burnt out fuses. This may stop the burnout, but it also creates a fire hazard. If you have to choose between using the right fuses for your circuitry and a reliable performance, then it is definitely time to upgrade. For most homeowners, though, it really is a matter of convenience, as well. Even if you don’t have issues with electrical demand vs. the capabilities of your fuse box, flipping a switch to reset a circuit is a lot simpler than replacing a blown fuse. Plus, old fuse boxes also mean old wiring, so you may want to have the entire electrical system revamped.

Whatever electrical services you may need, you can’t go wrong in working with G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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