ElectricalLynnwood WA Electrical Tip: How To Read Your Electric Meter

More and more we rely on electricity to power our appliances, computers, tablets, and various gadgets. While you pay your electric bill to your utility company every month, you may not know how to read your electric meter or how your electric consumption is calculated. It’s important to know how to read your electric meter so that you can keep an eye on any unprecedented or unexpected rise in usage. The more you understand how the infrastructure of your home works, the better your home energy efficiency will be. For more information about your electric meter, or to schedule a Lynnwood electrical service, call G & S Heating, Cooling & Electrical today!

Your electric meter measures your electrical energy consumption in terms of the kilowatt-hour (kWh). A single kWh is equivalent to 1000 watts over a period of one hour. It is a unit of power, meaning the rate of energy use over time. It is installed near to where the power lines enter the home. A utility representative checks it periodically to determine how much power your home is using and calculates the bill accordingly.

The most popular and widely used kind of electrical meter is relatively simple. It is comprised of an electrical induction motor that uses a set of geared wheels corresponding to quantities of kWh. It’s a bit like a clock. The speed of its various revolutions depends upon the current drawn into the home by your appliances and equipment. The speed at which they rotate is proportional to the quantity of electrical energy you are using.

In order to read your electric meter, begin by recording the numbers from right to left, as shown on the dials. If the pointer is directly on a number, look instead to the number on its right hand side. If the number is zero, record the next highest number (e.g. 9). If not, use the lower number.  It’s as simple as that.

We hope this helps you keep an eye on your electrical usage. For more tips on electrical meters, or how to save on your energy bills, contact the Lynnwood, WA electrical team at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electrical today!


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