ElectricalNow Is a Great Time for Scheduling Routine Generator Maintenance

For kids, a power outage can actually be a lot of fun. We can all probably remember a stormy night from our youth when the power went out, and telling stories or playing games by candlelight or flashlight beams. When you’re an adult, though, as is the case with so many former pleasures, a power outage is more of a hassle than anything. That is why so many responsible homeowners invest in whole-house generators in Everett, WA. An appropriately sized and professionally installed whole-house generator is the best defense against the problems and inconveniences that are inherent with a power outage. Of course, your system must also be very well-maintained. 

Don’t Forget About Your Generator’s maintenance Needs

Because you don’t actually run your generator all that regularly—certainly far less than something like your HVAC system—you may think that it doesn’t require the same amount of rigorous maintenance that other, more frequently used electrical and mechanical systems do. This could not be further from the truth. In truth, the very fact that your system is on standby for so much of the year makes it quite susceptible to operational problems. Routine maintenance isn’t all about preventing operational issues, after all, but also about catching developing problems early on.

When we complete your routine generator maintenance service, we’ll run through a meticulous inspection of the system and its components. We will do a test run, and will check electrical connections, power output, and much more, in addition to cleaning necessary components thoroughly. We’ll also change out the air filter, oil, and oil filter in the system. Even if your generator was not used heavily in the previous year, these components should always be swapped out on an annual basis.

When you need generator services, you need to call the experts at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.


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