ElectricalPotential Signs of Wiring Problems

Because we use it each and every day, most homeowners just take their access to safe and convenient electricity for granted. In truth, though, your electrical system is quite complex and, potentially, dangerous. Working with professional electricians to guarantee that everything is up to code and working safely is integral to the successful use of your electrical system.

Still, there is the potential for problems with your electrical wiring to develop. This could happen for any number of reasons. Wiring may degrade over time if it is very old. Perhaps rodents have damaged the wiring, or someone unknowingly compromised it during a renovation project. Whatever the case, you should know some basic warning signs of wiring problems, so that you can schedule prompt, professional electrical services in Lake Stevens, WA.

  • Any signs of frayed wires are cause for concern. This is something that can happen due to being pinched by screws or punctured by nails. Rodents could also chew and fray wires. If you notice any frayed exposed wires, they need to be replaced.
  • Do you have outlets or switches that feel warm to the touch? This is not indicative of proper operation. Heat being generated by arc faults or other issues is of serious concern. Don’t ignore warm components, or signs of scorching, for that matter.
  • Frequently tripped breakers are not just inconvenient and annoying, but could indicate a serious wiring problem. A circuit may be overloaded, or the wiring itself could be compromised. Don’t just keep flipping that switch — let us resolve the problem at its source.
  • Dimming or flickering lights could also suggest a wiring problem. When you turn on one appliance, do your lights dim? Do you have a single area in which the lights flicker? Again, these seemingly “minor” issues could mean you have a serious problem on your hands.

You deserve to use electricity reliably and safely in your home. Allow G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to guarantee that this is the case.


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