ElectricalReasons to Get Rid of Your Fuse Box and Upgrade to a Circuit Panel

There are many different names for the steel box that divides the electrical power to your home into smaller circuits. This box is sometimes called the distribution board, panel board, service panel, load center, breaker box, or the breaker panel, but it’s more traditionally and colloquially deemed a fuse box. That’s because older panels contained fuses instead of circuits. Circuits and fuses are overcurrent devices that shut down parts of your electrical wiring to protect your home from a fire if a wire draws in more current than it can handle. But today, fuse boxes are rarely in use, and circuit panels are often a more logical choice.

Experiences vary among homeowners, but you may decide to schedule professional fuse box upgrades in Mercer Island when you notice any of the following.

Fuse Boxes Are Outdated

The fact of the matter is that fuse boxes are tedious to maintain, outdated, and simply unnecessary. If a circuit were to take in more current than it was designed to, it could overheat and start a fire in your home. Instead, the fuse serves as a chink in the armor that “blows out,” shutting down that portion of your electrical system. Of course, this is a good thing, as it protects you from a potential fire, but you’ll have to go out and purchase a new fuse as a replacement every time. With a modern circuit breaker, the breaker simply “trips” and you’ll only have to go to the panel and reset it.

Fuse Boxes May Need Replacement Over Time

If you’re experiencing trouble with your existing fuse box, it’s probably best to replace the entire unit. Most experts recommend scheduling maintenance every year so that a technician can examine your fuse box and the rest of your electrical system for damage. You may also want to upgrade if want to increase the capacity of your service panel. When the electrical wiring in your older home was installed, the electricians did not anticipate that we would use our electricity to power so many large appliances today. When you add in new appliances or renovate the home with a new room, you may need a replacement in order to accommodate wiring changes.

At G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., we offer fuse box upgrades in Mercer Island for homeowners looking to improve their electrical system. Call us today!


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