ElectricalRedmond WA Electrical FAQ: Why Should I Get a Whole-Home Surge Protector?

At G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric, we believe that all of our customers deserve the greatest convenience and comfort possible in their homes. Unfortunately, not every aspect of life can be controlled. It is these unforeseen events that really put our planning to the test. After all, just because we do not know when something may happen does not mean that we cannot prepare for it. That is why the Redmond, WA electrical technicians on our team recommend that homeowners invest in a whole-home surge protector. This is a great way to help protect your comfort and convenience at home.

When many people think of surge protectors, they picture the type that plugs into an outlet and can have multiple devices plugged into it. These power strips are fine for some applications, but to protect all of your electrical equipment in the event of a power surge, a whole-home surge protector is ideal. While smaller surge protectors at individual outlets throughout your home are a great way to protect your stereo, television or computer, a whole-home surge protector connect outside your breaker box and protects the major systems in your home, including your heating and air conditioning system, as well as appliances such as water heaters and refrigerators.

In the event of a major power surge spanning your home, your air conditioning system will be kept operational and you will not need to worry about spoiled food in your refrigerator. Because of the complexity and electrical work involved in the installation of a whole-home air conditioner, it is necessary that a professional Redmond, WA electrician handle the installation. Under no circumstances should anyone other than a skilled, certified electrician attempt to service any component of your electrical system. Doing so puts that individual at risk of injury, and improper electrical work can create a dangerous situation within your home.

For more information about the installation of a whole-home surge protector or how they work, contact G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric. We can answer any questions you may have. For all your Redmond electrical services, we are the company you can count on.


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