ElectricalRepairs for Your Circuit Breaker Panel

The circuit breaker panel (also known as a distribution panel or service panel) has replaced the old-fashioned fuse box in U.S. residences as the center of a house’ electrical system and the key safety point where circuits are interrupted to prevent fires and other hazards. But although a circuit breaker panel in your home helps to prevent repair problems elsewhere, it will sometimes need repairs itself.

These repairs require professional electricians to perform. All important electrical work needs trained professionals, but when it comes to circuit breaker panels it’s especially important because all the power in a house runs through this board.

For electrical system repairs in Mill Creek, WA for your circuit breaker panel, contact the experienced team at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We’ve brought the Puget Sound Area high quality electrical work since 1977.

Circuit Breaker Panel Repairs

  • Changing bad circuit breakers: The breakers in the panel are designed so that you can reset them easily after they trip. However, a breaker can eventually fail from corrosion or other damage, and it will need a replacement. If a breaker trips and you can’t reset it, then you should call for electrical repairs to remove the front of the panel, detach the failed breaker, and replace it with an appropriately sized new breaker.
  • Fixing loose and bad wire connections: Sometimes the issue isn’t that a breaker has gone bad, but that the wiring connections in the panel have failed or come loose. This involves a bit of investigative work on the part of the professional electrician to determine what wiring needs repairs, which is yet another reason to make certain to only hire licensed experts to do the work.
  • Full panel replacement: When you call for repairs on a panel that has failed repeatedly, the technicians may advise that you have a new panel installed. Your panel may have simply worn down, but more likely your home has demands on the electrical system that now exceed what an aging panel can handle. An updated panel will give you a more efficient and safer home.

At G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., we specialize in circuit breaker panel upgrades and repairs that will keep your house safe and the electricity flowing. We can handle these extensive electrical system repairs in Mill Creek, WA—we’re only a phone call away. And if you still have an older fuse box, contact us immediately to arrange for an update to a modern circuit breaker panel.


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