ElectricalShoreline WA Electrician Tips: Myths About Surge Protectors and Other Electrical Equipment

While there are a lot of myths out there about surge protectors and electrical equipment in general, the Shoreline WA electricians at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric are here to dispel those myths for our customers. Call us any time if you have further questions, or check out our frequently asked questions page.

Here are just a few of the common myths about electrical equipment and electrical work:

Installing a Main Line Surge Protector Will Protect All My Outlets

Even if you install a surge protector for the main electrical line in your home, it is still a good idea to have individual surge protectors for smaller appliances. Main line surge protectors are designed for larger equipment and appliances, such as your heating and air conditioning system.

I Can Do My Own Electrical Work

While there are many do-it-yourselfers out there who feel comfortable doing electrical work, this can be dangerous for anyone who isn’t trained to work with electrical equipment. Our electricians receive a good deal of education to get their license, and they participate in ongoing trainings. They must also keep up to date with local building codes. It’s always best to call an electrician to perform any work on electrical equipment. This is mostly for safety reasons, but you can also damage the equipment.

GFCI Outlets Are Not Necessary

GFCI outlets are actually a good idea to have throughout your home, but especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Some building codes require them in certain areas or older homes. A GFCI outlet is designed to shut off if there’s a sudden difference in energy flow. This helps to prevent surges, electrical fires, and even electrocution, especially outlets near a water source.

Call the Shoreline WA electricians at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric if you have further questions. Contact G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric today!


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