ElectricalShould I Have GFCI Outlets Installed in My Home?

The ability to plug our appliances and electronic devices into the wall and power or charge them is just one example of how incredibly convenient the modern electrical system makes our lives. When it comes to the use of electricity in one’s home, though, convenience simply is not enough. You must also know that you are using electricity in a very safe manner. That is why some homeowners choose to have GFCI outlets installed throughout their homes. While these outlets are not necessarily required in every area of a house, there are certain places in which electrical codes may mandate their use. Read on to learn more about where you should have GFCI outlets in your home.

First Things First: What Is a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet is one that protects users from the dangers of a ground fault, with “GFCI” itself standing for “ground fault circuit interrupter.” Essentially, a GFCI outlet functions like a mini circuit breaker. When the outlet detects a ground fault, it will automatically stem the flow of electricity from the outlet until it is manually reset, which entails only a simple push of a button. What is a ground fault, you ask? This is a situation in which power from an electrical source, such as the outlet, takes an unintended path to a grounded surface. In this case, the risk is that the users own body will provide that path. GFCI outlets, then, protect users from painful shocks or, in more severe cases, electrocution.

Where Should I Use Them?

As a basic rule, it is recommended—and likely mandated—that GFCI outlets be used in areas where contact with water is common. This may include in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor outlets, etc. There is no rule stating that you can only use GFCI outlets in these areas, of course. If you really want to protect everyone in your home from this scenario, you can opt to use GFCI outlets at all of your electrical receptacles.

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