ElectricalShould I Use an Attic Fan?

With our relatively mild summers, it’s only natural that you want to do everything in your power to save energy and money during this season. You may not realize just how much of a heat trap your attic can be, and how it can hinder the proper cooling of your home during the warmer months. Would you believe that your attic can actually reach temperatures in excess of 120 degrees during the hottest days of summer? Read on to discover how effective attic fans are, and why you should in fact use one.

Lower Living Area Temperatures

Vents can create some passive cooling that may help somewhat, but when temperatures reach over 100 degrees in your attic you need much more than that. For the most effective cooling, you need a fan to create positive airflow throughout your attic. By using an attic fan, you can reduce the temperature in your living area by approximately 10 degrees, meaning that you don’t have to run your AC as long.

Reduced AC Expenses

Since you don’t have to use your air conditioner as often or set the temperature as low with an attic fan, your AC expenses will be lowered. You can also set the operating temperature of your attic fan so that it turns on when needed, never letting the attic get too hot, and preventing your air conditioning system from working too hard or too long.

Extended Roof Life

Many of your household activities, such as showering or cooking, create moisture that rises and stops in the attic. If this moist air sits in the attic for too long, it eventually creates mold in the insulation and the wood structure of your attic. An attic fan will be able to transfer a significant amount of moisture out of the attic before it can create this damage, therefore potentially extending the life of your roof.

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